Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some basics about Yellow Fever and its vaccination

People tend to travel abroad for a business purpose as well as for a vacation. But before heading up for a trip, they do take care of many of essential things like documentation, visa formalities, packing of bags etc.

Apart from all the above mentioned things, there is still an important thing one cannot to forget is Travel Vaccination. Not just because it is required during the custom check at airport, but it is important for one's health as well. A number of vaccinations like hepatitis A &B, typhoid, polio, rabies, and Japanese encephalitis to name some are given to the traveller prior to the place where he/she is visiting. Besides all these immunizations, one of the most important is for yellow fever.

So, if you don't have any idea about it, then let me put your glance towards what is yellow fever, where it is found and what precautions you need to take, if your trip is to a place where this disease occurs.

What Is Yellow Fever?
Yellow fever is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes, which a person might get if he/she gets bitten by a mosquito that is infected with this virus. This disease has mild to severe symptoms. Generally, mild symptoms include, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal and muscle pains. Whereas severe symptoms include hepatitis, haemorrhagic fever, and may even lead to death, coma, liver, and kidney failure etc.

The regions where Yellow Fever commonly occurs
It mostly spreads in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Panama, and Trinidad and Tobago. Thus mostly people who are coming from these infected areas or heading to make their trip to these countries need vaccination against this disease. And if not done so, fatal cases may occur to the unvaccinated persons.

Precaution from yellow fever
To prevent from this disease one need vaccinations carried out. This is necessary for the travellers, to prevent themselves from being infected. This vaccine is recommended to the adults and to the children who are above 9 years and who are travelling to high risk areas. Moreover, international regulations require proof of yellow fever vaccination from an individual.

Thus, one needs to visit a clinic where one can get vaccinated and even get the certificate that becomes evidence required during the travelling.

Though, after taking this vaccination one would see mild reactions that include mild headache, body aches, or certain other minor symptoms, but none is so severe to worry.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Role of Travel Clinic for a pregnant lady

Is your lady pregnant and are you heading up for an exotic holiday abroad? There are various things you need to think about, starting from all the visa formalities to packing up of bags. But most importantly one should never-ever tend to miss travel vaccinations, especially when a lady is pregnant.
This is so because many countries are prone to deadly diseases like yellow fever, typhoid, malaria and many more. Prominently, these are found in the countries of Africa, South and Central America and Asia etc. where most of us love to visit.
Ideally, one should not travel abroad when one is pregnant and if unavoidable, there are certain important things on which one should be updated. Many women might not realize the importance of travel immunizations as they might expect that the vaccinations taken during their pregnancy period are sufficient enough for their traveling.
But it’s absolutely wrong!
One needs to talk to their doctor or visit a travel clinic to get best possible advice so that they are aware of the pros and cons of vaccinations if given to a pregnant traveler. Moreover they would help you weigh the risk of diseases versus risk of vaccination in order to make a decision if you really cannot avoid traveling to high-risk areas.
Besides this they would even guide you about the live vaccines which contain a small amount of virus that potentially affect the unborn baby. Some of the live vaccines include BCG, oral polio, oral typhoid and yellow fever.
Apart from this mentioned below are some travel vaccines which a travel clinic would recommend a pregnant lady has to take:
  • Hepatitis B, typhoid, diphtheria and tetanus vaccine is being given.
  • Polio vaccination is given prior 30 days before the traveling.
  • Pulmonary influenza vaccine given to a pregnant traveler who is prone to chronic respiratory disease.
Besides this there are also some immunizations which travel clinic would strictly not recommend to a pregnant lady:
  • Varicella, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines cannot be given.
  • Hepatitis E is extremely dangerous for women who are pregnant.
  • Japanese encephalitis is also one of the vaccines which are absolutely not given.
From the above mentioned vaccines which a pregnant traveler cannot take, it's quite obvious that they cannot visit those respectively infected areas.
Now if you are thinking if one can go without those vaccinations, then it’s just your hypothetical belief. During custom checkup on the airport one has to show their vaccination certificate, which had been provided to them by their travel clinic.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things to Consider Before Taking Travel Vaccines

To prevent serious illness from germs and exposure to unfamiliar bacteria while travelling to remote locations, it is a good idea to take vaccinations before going. The type of vaccination depends upon the destination country.
For certain geographic locations in the world, the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention advice different immunizations, before going on a trip because these provide protection against infections & several diseases such as yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid to name a few.
So, people who are going to travel outside of their local area, whether it another state within the same country or it is any other country, Travel Immunizations against some serious diseases found in those areas are must.
There are several things to consider when you are going to take these vaccines. These are:
  • The season when you are you going on the trip- Some diseases occur in a certain period of the year. For example, most diseases occur during the rainy season.
  • The state or the country you are going to visit: The location is very important, as some diseases occur only in specific geographic parts of the world.
  • Where you are going to stay: It is critical to consider the area where you are going to stay during your tour as the risk of getting diseases in rural areas is more as compared to the urban regions.
  • Your age and health: Depending upon age and health conditions, some people are more vulnerable to infections and diseases than others are. In some medical conditions, it might not be possible to give travel vaccines.
  • The activities you are going to do- If working in a medical facility you may need additional immunization. You may come in touch with more infections and diseases if you are working as an aid worker in a refugee camp.
  • People with certain immune deficiencies should not to take these medicines. This may be in the case if you have a condition that affects your immune system like HIV infection.
  • If you are taking treatment or medications that affect your body's immune system, such as chemotherapy, then you might need to consider the choice of vaccinations you are going to take.
  • Women who are you are pregnant or are breastfeeding they need to be extra cautious while taking these vaccines.
So, before planning a trip, you should consult a doctor well in advance to deal with all the above mentioned factors.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

What are the side effects of yellow fever vaccine?

Yellow fever is a kind of viral infection that leads to jaundice after an early stage. According to researches, more than thirty thousand people die (each year) due to yellow fever. The infection is commonly known to occur in Africa and Latin America. Infected mosquitoes act as the medium of transmitting of this viral disease from one person to another.

Yellow Fever Immunization is the only way to protect you from this dangerous disease. The benefits of getting vaccinated are far better than the adverse effects associated with the fever. Let us discuss few of the side effects of yellow fever vaccine.
  • There are many few cases where serious side effects of vaccine have been seen. According to the researches, most people do not notice any allergic reaction to the vaccines. However, the response may vary from person to person.
  • High fever, body ache and swelling can occur as a result of the vaccination as well.
  • Allergic reactions are very rare after the immunization. Do you know about one person in 55000 people can develop allergic reactions? It shows that there is a very less (0.0018% which is near to null) possibility that a person could have allergy after the vaccination.
  • About one person in 125000 (0.0008% which is approximately null) may suffer from damage to the nervous system also.
How yellow fever vaccine protects you from the fever?

Immunization makes your immune system strong to fight against the transmitted yellow fever virus. This is the reason that people who are living or going to live in a tropical or subtropical area are advised to take this immunization.

How many days does it take for the vaccine to become effective?

Yellow fever immunization increases the immunity within seven days after the vaccination. It is suggested that after having this vaccination you are not supposed to donate blood for 14 days and take some other precautionary measures also.

Who can provide travel vaccination?

Visiting a certified clinic to get the immunization done is the only option for you. It can provide various Travel Immunizations according to your destination. It can provide you health services based on your personal travel plans, length of stay and health history.

How they provide services? They are health professionals who have all the required information about recommended and required medication for a particular place. Therefore, you can discuss about your travel plans to get required medication and advice to enjoy a healthy journey.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yellow Fever Vaccination-Why You Need It If Your Are Going To The Subtropical Areas Of Africa?

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease spread by the bite of female mosquito. This health concern is especially active in tropical and subtropical areas of Africa and South America.

If you are planning trip to any of the aforementioned locations, don't forget to get immunization against yellow fever. Along with that, do not forget to take all the recommended and necessary precautions to protect yourself from the reach of yellow fever.

Travelling to such geographical locations where yellow fever is very common without Yellow Fever Vaccinations can be dangerous.

In this article, we will walk through the facts regarding this vaccine.

To understand whether this vaccine is worth or not, we will weigh its advantages. First, let us go through what can happen to the person who is infected with this disease. Its symptoms include bloodshot eyes, nausea, high temperature, vomiting, furry tongue, constipation, muscle pains, headache, kidney and liver inflammation, gastrointestinal bleeding, jaundice, delirium and vomiting blood. Patients with severe yellow fever give up to it, and die.

Yellow fever vaccination is in use since 1950s. It is a completely safe vaccine and just a single dose of it protects you for five to six years. After this time period, it is recommended to take the dosage of this vaccine again for next five to six years. This vaccination can be given to anyone over the age of 9 months.

It is strongly recommended that person suffering from any kind of immune system suppression or pregnant woman, must consult with health professional before taking this vaccine.

A person with severe allergic reaction of the previous dose of this yellow fever vaccine should not be given this vaccine again. It is because of the reason that this oral vaccine contains a live, attenuated virus and should not be given to the person with weak immune system.

On the whole, it seems clear that individuals who are planning to travel in above mentioned geographical locations is would benefit from taking this vaccine. So, it is worth to get yellow fever vaccine and after to receive it, you will provide a certificate from your health professional that will show that you have already received this vaccine. This certificate will help you to enter many countries where yellow fever is still prevalent. is a reliable and highly professional medical clinic that is certified to provide Yellow Fever Vaccination and other travel vaccination.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introduction to Travel Vaccination

This article is to help enlighten those people who are planning to travel remote locations and who want to know about various travel vaccines and their effects. In the below segments of this write up, we will understand how travel vaccinations works.
The word vaccination comes from the Latin word “Vacca” meaning cow and was invented by Edward Jenner in 1796.
Travellers always need travel vaccination to tour abroad and use the recommendation of these vaccines depend upon the following factors:
  • Country you are visiting, or which part of the same country you are visiting
  • The season and the time of travelling for example rainy season, winters etc.
  • In which area you are staying like rural area, developed area or urban area
  • What traveller will be doing during visit such as working or visiting in urban or rural areas
  • How long the traveller will be staying
  • The age of the traveller
  • The health of the traveller and so on
Plan Ahead:
Get expert advice about your travel immunization at least one month before you are due to travel.
How do travel vaccines work:
Vaccinations provide two type of immunity:
  • Active Immunity
  • Passive Immunity
Active Immunity:
Vaccine offer active immunity where human body is stimulated to create its own antibodies. Such kind of vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system to make defence antibodies, which stay in the body for a long period of time. Whereas the chemicals (antibodies) to a particular disease are present in the body, the body is protected from that kind of disease or infection.
The protection offered by such kind of travel vaccinations naturally takes some time, but their effect lasts a long time. Following are the name of some vaccines that work on the same principal of vaccination:
  • Live attenuated vaccine
  • Inactivated vaccine
  • Detoxified exotoxins
Passive immunity:
On the other hand, passive vaccines offer immediate protection. Passive immunity includes insertion in the body antibodies that have already been created rather stimulating the body into creating antibodies to an infection.
In this way, it is advantageous that the chemicals (antibodies) can go to perform actions defending the body straight away. It had also the disadvantage that the time of protection it offers is usually quite short as compared to active immunity.
For example: Hepatitis A immunoglobulin vaccine is an example of passive immunity which acts immediately but cannot work longer than three months.
The diseases for which variety of vaccinations are available are all hazardous and carry severe risks. So,it is necessary to have vaccination before travelling any remote location so to remove health risks.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

What’s The Importance Of Travel Vaccinations And How To Get Them?

We all travel from one place to another, from time to time. Reasons might be work or pleasure. Going for a visit to a foreign country can be a very exciting experience for one and all. You keep in mind to pack all your belongings such as seasonal clothes, and accessories, your sun blocks and travel bags, but usually seem to forget one of the most important things, vaccinations!

When leaving for another country altogether one has to understand that they are going to face a lot of climatic changes and the weather conditions may or may not be like that of your homeland. You may or may not be strong enough to withstand that climate of the place. This is why you need to make sure that you are ready to fight the challenges that might come across in the novel place.
Firstly and most importantly, you need to locate a good travel clinic. These are such places where the medical staff works towards preparing people for foreign trips. They conduct a proper medical checkup for the same and determine if the person has any sort of illness or impending health issue. Besides this, they shall prepare you for your visit to that particular country.

They basically work towards studying the weather conditions of that place, and also determine what sort of ailments and illnesses prevail in the area. It is then that they provide adequate travel vaccinations for people who have flights to catch. It is really important for people to take care of these needs because they shall remain safe from the many diseases and infections that might attack them in the time to come, assuring that you will have a safe trip in the future.

Looking for a good travel clinic isn't very difficult. There are many firms that provide adequate support for people who need to get medical checkups and travel immunization before leaving for abroad. One can find the best options for travel clinics by searching on the Internet and looking up local directories. You can find some of the best options for the same with a bit of research that needs to be done carefully. This way you shall be able to find the best option when it comes to travel clinics and you would be able to find the best options for the same.

One can easily search for the most suited options and get themselves checked by a travel clinic, before going to a foreign country. Find more about the same at

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Why and What Vaccinations Do People Need Before Travelling to Remote Locations

Travel medicine clinic is an office staffed with health practitioners and nurses who have specialty in travel and tropical medicine. Such clinics offer variety of services, but include the provision of:
  • Consultations and vaccinations before travelling
  • Post travel consultations, evaluations , and medications, if necessary
  • Provide official vaccination certificate document (which is necessary to enter some countries)
  • On site diagnostic laboratory services and more
If you have decided your travel plans, it is wise to schedule an appointment with a travel health practitioner to take necessary suggestions and medications according to your health and immunization requirements. Whether or not there is any need for vaccinations will depend upon several factors that are given below:
  • Your risk of contracting diseases in the countries you are planning to visit
  • Your correct health status with respect to your age and vaccination history
  • Allergy history (including allergies from particular medication)
  • Presence of addition risks factors such as have pre-existing cardiovascular disease, if you are pregnant, or suffering from any other health condition that might fail your immune system (such as HIV or cancer)
  • Distance you are going to travel
It is a wise recommendation to all the travelers by the World Health Care Organization and the centers of disease prevention and control, to be update with their routine childhood vaccinations. These routine vaccinations include poliomyelitis, hepatitis B (HBV), and diphtheria/tetanus and more.
Anyone who is planning to travel to a foreign country should consult a travel clinic 4 to 6 weeks prior to your departure because vaccines takes some time to develop following the vaccination and you may need more than one dose depending upon your health conditions. So, more than one visit to the travel vaccination clinic may be required.

Furthermore, travel immunizations are necessary for a couple of reasons, such as yellow fever. It is not unknown that yellow fever is a life threatening viral disease and spread among persons primarily by mosquito bites. Thus, vaccination is the best option to stay healthy. Otherwise the infected person will suffer from jaundice, flu-like symptoms, kidney failure and a potentially deadly form of fever.

Many people do not even have an idea about how many factors there to be considered while travelling to remote locations. Here, travel medicine clinics ensure to let you know about the facts and figures that you will need to make your visit happy, healthy and memorable.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is travel vaccination really that important?

It’s always a good idea to take some time out from the hectic life and spend some quality time with your family. Planning a holiday with your loved can be just the perfect remedy to get rid of the stress and tension of professional life. While planning to take a trip to some other part of the world, there is one thing that most people tend to neglect i.e. the importance of Travel Vaccination. Here, we are going to discuss on whether it is necessary to get vaccination done before travelling or not?
One thing that might come to mind here is that we all get vaccinations during our childhood, so why does its need rises when travelling to some other country? The answer to that is, as the natives of one country we are not exposed to the conditions of any other region. There are possibilities that certain infections are prone in one geographical region and when some we visit that part as a foreign person we are at a higher risk to catch the infection. Under such a situation, it might be difficult to find a reliable physician for treatment in the foreign country.
Another important thing is that there are many countries which require you to have a certificate of Travel Immunizations as a part of the documentation required to visit a country. For example diseases like yellow fever are potent life threatening diseases and are very prominent in North America and North Africa regions. People travelling to those parts of the world are required to take vaccination dose against it.
A good option before scheduling a trip is to get in touch with a certified physician who has intricate knowledge about immunizations and which vaccine is required for which country. An important thing here is that these vaccines require some time period to become affective after entering the body. So the doctor will be the best judge as to when the dose needs to be administered in the body and accordingly you can schedule your travel.
Looking at all the above mentioned prospects, one can easily make out as to why these vaccinations are important while travelling. Hence, people who are travelling for a leisure purpose must get the required dose. For people who have to travel a lot for business purpose, these vaccinations become even more important.
So, the next time you schedule for a trip, the first thing you need to do is go to your doctor and get the vaccination done and then further plan for fun.
Log on to to get an online appointment for getting vaccinated before travelling abroad. The professionals here will be able to suggest you the recommended vaccination for the country you are going to travel to.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Travel Vaccinations make your journey a healthier one!

What are Travel Vaccinations? People might have different ideas about it and many of them are wrong, these myths are to be dispelled in this article.
Being vaccinated before heading for a trip (for a voyage or for a business meeting) is important. However this is not only one hand requirement or safety measures from your side, but certain countries have made it a government rule (as per administration laws, that travelers have to get themselves vaccinated before entering their countries, so as to safeguard the travelers as well as the local people.
There have been certain examples, which would give you a clear idea about the need for proper vaccinations.
Not only this, WHO (world health organization) have given certain advices like, guide on safe food, international certification of vaccination, international travel health etc, this would ultimately help the travelers have a safe journey.
So, make sure that you are protected before leaving town and for this, you have to visit a travel clinic.
Now the question arises about choosing the best travel clinic, as there are number of them.
Here are certain tips that would guide you and let you know who are best on their part and would give you relevant advices such as:
  • They should discuss about your trip details
  • Tell you about the current diseases and infections
  • Advice you about appropriate immunization for it
  • Provide necessary prescription
  • And most importantly, provide international certification of vaccination that would facilitate your entry in specific country where you want to visit
Further points that would guide you for Travel Immunizations:
  • Travel clinic: go to a doctor who would guide you well, before you board to a trip. He would see all your earlier vaccinations and let you know what further you required, to be safe. He should be a professional so that you get perfect guidance according to your travel itinerary (because each country is different, and so are the diseases)
  • Vaccinations: this is the main reason people have to go to travel clinics. As per law and according to doctor recommendation people have to be extremely cautious from the diseases and get them vaccinated with yellow fever immunization, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, cholera, polio and rabies etc.
  • Time of vaccination: you should be vaccinated at least 4 to 5 weeks before your trip.
You need to bear in mind these few guidelines so that the best safeguarding plan against diseases can be made. is the preeminent travel clinic in New York for providing right vaccination to the travelers to lead a safe and enjoyable journey.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Travel Vaccinations For A Safer Trip To Another Country!

Not everybody realizes the importance of getting vaccination while going for a trip out of the country. Most of us think that the immunizations that we have are sufficient to encounter the diseases. However, are you aware that you can catch deadly infections while travelling to a foreign country with a single mosquito bite? Wondering how? You will find out after reading the complete article.

Different countries around the world have different health issues. As a citizen of one country, you are never exposed to the infections common in another country. The result, you may end up facing a life threatening infection. For instance, yellow fever, a deadly disease caused by the bite of a mosquito, is a major problem in regions of Southern America and South Africa but not that severe in other parts of the world.

Hence, while planning to travel to another for a holiday or any other reason; it becomes so important to get immunization done. Many a countries even demand a certificate from a recognized body that assures that you have received vaccination before coming to the country.

An important thing to be kept in mind while taking Travel Vaccinations is that they must be taken a few days prior to the visit as the body may take time to develop the immunity,(these vaccinations are nothing else but a weakened dose of the infection-causing agent, which is unable to cause the disease).

Even if you are not going to visit any of these areas, which are at a high risk of infections, you must have one thing in the back of your mind that various infections can simply occur through contaminated water.

Since you are a traveler, you might find it difficult to find a reputed clinician in such an emergency, so it is always good to have a little sense of security. After all, you would not want to get the holiday mood spoilt and at the same time risk you and your loved one’s lives.

Different vaccinations take different time to become effective, and the doctor will be the only person who will have an idea as to which vaccine you need and how much time gap is required between the vaccination and your arrival in the foreign country. So, make sure you get in touch with your doctor and consult with him before planning your holiday trip to some other part of the world.

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What Is Yellow Fever And How To Get Immunization Against It?

“Prevention is always better than cure”. This is a famous quote that holds true in real life as well. When you are planning to spend some quality time with your family and are looking forward to visit a foreign country, then prevention against the potent diseases that are at high risk in those countries is not a bad idea. And if you are headed towards tropical regions of Africa, or South America for that matter, Yellow Fever Immunization is a must for you.

Wondering why?

Well, let’s discuss what yellow fever is and when you plan to travel the above mentioned parts of the world, why immunization against it becomes so critical?

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. The symptoms include body pain, nausea and fever in the initial stages. In advanced stages, the liver gets damaged and can eventually lead to death. The patient acquires a yellow hue because of the jaundice that he/she develops as a result of the liver failure, hence the name Yellow Fever. The patient is also at the risk of an increased blood haemorrhage, because of the viral infection hence the condition is categorised as haemorrhagic fever.

It is a potentially fatal disease, with an estimate of approximately 30,000 deaths per year caused due to it (World Health Organization). And the fact that there is no treatment for the disease apart from getting immunized against it makes it so important to take vaccinations before travelling.

The vaccination is in the form of a live but potentially weak virus and is supplemented in the form of an injection. Though the vaccination is safe, but usually mild fever and soreness of the body are associated with the vaccination. The vaccination takes some time to become potentially effective, approximately 10-14 days, so make sure you get the immunization done with plenty of time to spare in your journey.

Looking at the severity of the infection, the governments of various countries in the African region have made it mandatory for the travellers to possess a proof of immunization when visiting these countries. So, when you receive your vaccination, make sure to take "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" which is a yellow card duly signed and stamped by a certified doctor. This will be act as your proof of vaccination when travelling to the countries which area at a high risk of yellow fever infection.

Travel Clinic NYCis a certified Yellow fever clinic. They offer services for individuals as well as people traveling in groups for business or recreation purposes. Log on to if you want to get immunized against yellow fever or other life threatening diseases.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Follow the Perfect Guidelines to Travel Vaccinations

Planning an exotic holidays overseas this vacation? Ensure to make yourself completely fit and healthy by administering all the desired medicines and immunization. Some people love to travel a lot either for fun or business trips. While making a move from one place another, they come across several minor health issues, which can be prevented from catching through proper vaccination or medication.
Although, there are several medications that can be administered during travelling but having the right knowledge to it becomes really important. To assess the right administering of medications or vaccinations to travelers, different health organizations or institutions has divided into normal three categories routine, required and recommended.
In order to get the up to date information, one can consult his physician, who may guide through the right travel vaccinations centre situated worldwide to administer with right kind of dosage at right time. Let us know what these different categories to travel vaccinations mean:
Routine Medication: If you belong to certain country let us say United States then it has been believed that you are being administered with routine vaccinations, which may work wonders during travelling. The routine travel immunizations are diphtheria, hepatitis A &B, polio, measles, mumps, tetanus course, rubella , etc. Besides, this there are other immunizations comes under routine vaccines depending at certain age that are rotavirus, tuberculosis, or meningitis. These are given in small shots so that it may prevent you from certain disease on regular terms.
Besides these, there recommended Travel Vaccinations that is administered prior to travelling from one country to another. To get know the vaccinations required to travel in such cases can be taken from various travel clinics situated worldwide helping people to know the importance of all the immunizations required for touring to certain countries like Africa, North America, coastal regions, European countries and lot more. The major travel immunizations administered to prevent ailments like rabies, typhoid, malaria or influenza.
Required: under this category fall the important vaccinations that required strict undertaking following the international touring guidelines. For example if you travel to African or south American countries, then you are required to produce your health certificate to the authorities to keep you aware of the fact that you are being treated completely for health ailments like yellow fever. It has been directed by the doctors that to move certain places, one must get himself administered to such immunizations or medications prior to six weeks travelling, so that it may duly spread into the body and counterfeit the affect of various diseases.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take Yellow Fever Immunization If You Planning To Visit Brazil

Travelling seems to be a pastime for many people. Whatever may be the season of the year, the frantic travelers or even the occasional travelers, do not require any special reason to visit different parts of the world.
However, when you plan to travel to any destinations, it does not mean that you can just pack your bags and get going. There are lot of other things that you need to take care of, such as the weather of that place, if you need any immunization before going there, and other similar things.
Specially, when you plan a trip to remote area across the world, especially to countries like Brazil, you must enquire about the need of any immunization.
Wondering why? Because as reach Brazil, the authorities will ask you that whether you have been vaccinated with Yellow Fever Vaccinations or not? Yes! This will happen because different countries are prone to various health risks or communicable diseases, which may afflict the traveler in one way or the other.
Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of an individual to be treated or vaccinated to such health problems prior to planning a trip. As, we know health risks may vary from region to region, so it is best that you take the help of the good travel clinic in your area.
The doctors or physician working in such travel clinics may perfectly guide you to the essential vaccination course that you need to undertake before planning a tour to a certain destination.
Besides, yellow fever immunization, another important vaccination one needs before travelling to Brazil is for malaria. It is the most sensitive health issue; a traveler may suffer from, during his trip. This disease is highly communicable in the tropical region of Brazil. Thus, it would be better if you get yourself immunized for such health issue, in to avoid any hassle.
There are several other vaccines that one needs to have (for example typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, DPT, MMR and so on) while one travels from one part of the world to the other. The doctors at travel clinic make you aware of all the medications and vaccination that you require to take before you board a flight.
They provide the up-to-date information about all the basic health ailments and the vaccinations one requires before going to that certain place.
Since, prevention is better than cure. It is advisable that you prevent yourself fully from such ailments by taking proper medication and immunization for it.
For more information about Yellow Fever Immunizationvisit:

Friday, August 31, 2012

Why to Visit Travel Clinics Before you leave the Port?

One of my friends loves to travel and being a frequent traveler, he is often exposed to many infections and other skin problems. Although he carries all types of vaccines required for a safe travel, still he visits travel clinics to prevent other ailments and diseases, which could stall his further travelling plans. He also gets vaccinations for various life-threatening diseases while on the move.
After a long discussion with him, I concluded that travel clinics are of immense importance in the life of a traveler. Nowadays, due to lower travelling cost, it is easy to explore destinations like the turquoise waters of exotic white sand beaches, lion safaris in South Africa, the temples and pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, castles in Scotland’s etc. However, while planning and making all the arrangements we all tend to forget one the most important aspect i.e. our health. If we are sick or suffering from any health problem, we can never enjoy our trip. Therefore, it is essential to visit a physician’s clinic before fastening your seat belts for the roller coaster ride.
One of the main reasons to visit the clinic is to get all the indispensable vaccinations as per the laws of the country you are travelling. Various nations require the travelers to get vaccinations for horrifying diseases like yellow fever, before entering the country, thus making it necessary for them to visit a travel clinic. As told by my friend, “In some African and South American countries, travelers are required to get yellow fever vaccinations before making an entry in the country,” which is the best way to prevent this life-threatening disease.
Besides Yellow Fever Immunization, other diseases that can be prevented by considering the advice of a physician are:
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • European tick-borne encephalitis
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid
  • Polio
  • Tetanus
  • Influenza
  • Cholera
Many people are not aware of the intricate laws of the country; they are travelling in, pertaining to travelers. The counselors and doctors of travel clinics make sure that you fill all the required forms and fulfill all the terms and conditions related to your health before starting the journey.
Additionally, they also help you in getting the required medicines that may come handy while you travel. After a complete check-up and scan, the doctor may give you a prescription that can be used while on the trip. Do not forget to visit the travel clinic in your neighborhood, before embarking on your journey. A safe trip would always add to the enjoyment and the fun while you are on the move.
Log on to, a certified clinic, to avail Yellow Fever Vaccinations, before setting the sail.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Immunization – A Protective Shield on the Go

Health is something that needs to be taken care at all points of times and different situations in life. Suppose, one has to take a huge team of employees to an outdoor location for work or pleasure, what about their healthcare needs? Suppose it's a team of children going for an outdoor trip, or people who keep traveling all-round the year for business purposes? Their health cannot be overlooked at any given point of time and this need to be dealt with prime importance.

Healthcare on the go is a dynamic industry, the needs and requirements of people keep on changing for the same from time to time. This is the time, when people need to be sure, which sort of travel clinic they put their trust in. The healthcare services in travel industry include many different applications and medical services for immunization, prescriptions first aid services, etc., basically, everything one might require in terms of medical aid, when they are planning a trip.

There are different sorts of diseases and infections that might be looming upon people in the world and one needs to make sure that they are safe from the same while traveling. For the same, there are a number of clinics and hospitals that provide services for travel immunization; in order to safeguard people from the fear of different infections like Hepatitis, Malaria, Meningitis, Flu, Skin Diseases as well as other seasonal infections.

One needs to determine that the clinic they trust for the same have the capability of offering quick and efficient services for every kind of travel plan that they would be following. They should be able to deliver solutions within the budget as well as according to the different requirements of different people. The physicians and other medical experts of the clinics should be well-aware of health hazards and infections that are common to the specific country or place.

So all one needs to do is, get in touch with a similar organization and discuss their entire trip and the details of arrival and departure with them. After this, they might be able to suggest efficient solutions for the same, without having to wait for long. The best part is that they have qualified medical professionals for the aid of people. One can easily find the answers to their different medical requirements on the go, with such companies, and it shouldn't be overlooked at all.

Find more about the different options available for clinics on the go that offer services for travel immunizationat

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Planning a Trip Overseas then Don’t Forget to Get Yourself Immunized @ Travel Clinic

We all love to travel to distant places not just to revitalize our mind and body but also to gain some background knowledge about culture and societal norms of the area. It has been found that travelling is not only exciting but also hectic schedule for travelers. To enjoy the stress-free journey across the world we all need to be in fit and healthy.
Every year several people make up their mind to explore the new destination across the world with their loved ones. No doubt, it is a fabulous idea to go on vacation but apart from planning a memorable trip, one thing that needs to be taken into concern is to take full precautionary measures for travelling.
Since, we are planning a trip for enjoyment. What would be the fun? If we get ourselves afflicted to any health disease, the entire travelling plan may be spoiled just because of our sudden arousal to health ailment. Therefore, it is important that before planning any head start to travel to exotic destination overseas, we should get ourselves vaccinated with Travel Immunization.
Yes! It may help us in tons of way. This make us fully protected from several unwanted diseases, which may contact us at travelling. However, several people are still not clear of the fact on how to get them properly immunized for certain health ailments. As a result, they have so many questions in mind, which they really want to be cleared off, such as:
Why it is important for travel clinic to have a list of health ailments that require immediate vaccination prior to travelling?
The answer to such question is complicated as there is no specific list to health ailment, which clinics may include, the reason is different person may require different vaccination for the ailment. So, it is advised to consult your physician before undertaking any of the vaccination or immunization during travel.
Is there any specific country that requires special vaccination?
Yes! There are some countries like South Africa or South America, which require special vaccination to Yellow Fever. It is very contagious; thus, require prior handling to travel to such place. Besides this, there are countries that have specific requirement of vaccination, you need to confirm beforehand from your physician about this so that you may enjoy a safe and healthy journey. In case, you still face any query about vaccinations or medications to be safe on journey.
Check out a repute Travel Clinic within vicinity, which serve you at right time in right terms. For more details, you can visit

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Immunization

Recently, my sister and I planned a tour to North America. It was amazing! We had so much fun and excitement at the trip, which was simply unforgettable! The third largest continent of the world seems to be a marvelous place to visit. North America, being surrounded by the exotic countries of Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Canada, Greenland and the USA becomes best place to spend your vacation.

The days we spent there were beyond imagination, we got the chance to do so many sightseeing that we had never thought of in our life. The serene and calm environment by the side of the sea beach really offers you the best relief that you had ever wanted in your life. The picturesque landscape with ravishing waterfalls across the mountain slopes really makes you feel like that you are in heaven!

Although, we enjoyed our North America's trip to the fullest, but one thing that we had never ignored before planning a trip to respective place was to consult our physician about immunization. It is the most important thing that we required for our travel plan. Proper guidance and resolution to our queries prior to planning a visit to North America helped us to protect ourselves from various health ailments. Therefore, in this write-up I want to share few of questions and answers related to Travel Vaccine and medications, such as:

  1. Which is the best time to consult the physician or health practitioner to fix appointment at a travel clinic?
    The best time to consult the doctor for vaccination is prior to booking a trip, probably, two to three months before so that you can be vaccinated properly for respective ailment. If you are visiting travel clinics, then it is important to get the appointment fixed for vaccination.
  2. What is the exact cost of travel vaccination?
    The cost for vaccination varies depending on the type of vaccination you require for the respective country. Many clinics prefer to offer certain packages for vaccination and medication.
  3. What is the mode of payment?
    Payment is easy to make by way of cheques, cash, and debit, VISA or MasterCard.
  4. What is the best way to be medicated prior to travel?
    There are several medications or vaccinations required before travelling such as anti-malarial, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Typhoid and lot more.
Are there any side effects or reactions due to travel immunization? There may be some reaction or side effect from vaccination such as muscle soreness, redness, headache, fever, which may last up to 24 to 48 hours. If it exceeds the stipulated time, consult the physician right Away!

To know more about Travel Vaccinations, visit the website

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel immunization is a must for long trips

The world is full of infection-carrying bacteria these days, literally. There is a range of infectious possibilities that loom over people in the day to day life these days and when one is traveling, these chances tend to increase manifold automatically. It would be really nice if there is someone to take care of your health needs and requirements while on the go. The current scenario calls for more attention to be paid towards getting the right sort of precautions towards diseases and infections so that you can stay safe and protected from them.
For solving this purpose, these days, there are a number of companies that tend to offer travel clinics, also known health services on the go. All one needs to do is to get registered with them revealing the time and duration for their trips, and they shall be provided the best healthcare needs according to the requirements of the clients. Be it is missionary trip, or a business trip, one for holiday with the family, or that of a wanderer, this type of service will definitely prove to be a major help when it comes to healthcare services on the move.
They have exclusive services to help safeguard the health of people from a number of diseases such as hepatitis, common flu, yellow fever, polio, typhoid, hepatitis and so on with proper Travel Immunization services. One can rest assured to be safe from these diseases once they have entrusted their trust with such a firm. They shall cater to all diverse health needs and requirements or a person or a group of travelers.
It's relieving to know that these companies will not charge you too much for the same and you would be able to fit this travel need in your budget without having to worry about exceeding expenses.
They offer solutions that are convenient and make it possible for people to avail them again and again over the years. They cater to the prescription medicine needs of a person as well, making it all the more convenient for a person to make the most of the health services being rendered by the companies.
You can have the most authentic health services rendered for the wellness of yourself as well as your family or the colleagues you might be traveling with, making the trip safer and more planned and organized for them. This would mean maximum benefit from the trip as you won’t have to worry about anyone falling ill and playing spoilsport due to it.
Find out more about Travel Clinic at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Travel Clinics – Rely on them to keep up Good Health while you Travel

Some clinics in New York City cater medical facilities for preventive medical care to international travellers. If you are planning a trip abroad, you need to consult the physicians at these clinics. They act as a one stop store where you can get all the comprehensive details and assistance for your travel plans.
Basically, these clinics provide guidelines on various medical topics, while you are travelling. The travellers are offered with all the essential tips on medical issues such as nausea, dehydration, vomiting etc. While travelling you can explore all the new places in whole world, however, at the same time it is very significant to take proper care of your health. Travel clinic NYC doctors will help you get rid of all medical problems, which are usually faced by travellers. These clinics offer pre-travelling counselling sessions, analyse your activities and your day schedule before giving any medicine or treatment.
Different services offered by these clinics:
  1. Travel consultations
  2. Travel vaccinations
  3. Detailed discussion of your trip
  4. Essential prescriptions
  5. Proper medications
These clinics specialize in offering outstanding medical tips and advices as they have vast experience in this field and recommend vaccinations to a particular person. Whether you are travelling with your family or alone, for business meeting or pleasure, you must be aware of health risks.
Health risks depends on various factors, like the destination, accommodation, mode of travelling and many more. So it is very important for you to take proper care of your health, which you can attain easily by adopting the guidance and recommendations of the doctor.
The doctors and physicians in these clinics are highly skilled medical professionals who are well versed in their work. They provide Travel Immunization before you leave and prove to be the rich source of information about the place you travel. Professionals involved in these clinics evaluate your general health and provide required precautions, which you can consider while travelling.
These medical professionals discuss the details regarding your trip and your medical history. They will advise you the necessary Travel Vaccines and immunizations, which protects you from different diseases and infections while you travel to any far away destination.
It would also be great if you chose such a clinic that doesn’t cost these services too much, and you don’t have to pay huge sums for the services rendered by them. You need to be sure that whatever clinic or the doctor you choose for this sort of medical assistance, it should have has adequate facilities and is easily able to deal with emergency situations, so that you don’t need to suffer in real times of need.
Find more about the services provided by a Travel Clinic NYC physician at

Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel Immunization – A Protective Shield on the Go

Health is something that needs to be taken care at all points of times and different situations in life. Suppose, one has to take a huge team of employees to an outdoor location for work or pleasure, what about their healthcare needs? Suppose it's a team of children going for an outdoor trip, or people who keep traveling all-round the year for business purposes? Their health cannot be overlooked at any given point of time and this need to be dealt with prime importance.

Healthcare on the go is a dynamic industry, the needs and requirements of people keep on changing for the same from time to time. This is the time, when people need to be sure, which sort of travel clinic they put their trust in. The healthcare services in travel industry include many different applications and medical services for immunization, prescriptions first aid services, etc., basically, everything one might require in terms of medical aid, when they are planning a trip.

There are different sorts of diseases and infections that might be looming upon people in the world and one needs to make sure that they are safe from the same while traveling. For the same, there are a number of clinics and hospitals that provide services for travel immunization; in order to safeguard people from the fear of different infections like Hepatitis, Malaria, Meningitis, Flu, Skin Diseases as well as other seasonal infections.

One needs to determine that the clinic they trust for the same have the capability of offering quick and efficient services for every kind of travel plan that they would be following. They should be able to deliver solutions within the budget as well as according to the different requirements of different people. The physicians and other medical experts of the clinics should be well-aware of health hazards and infections that are common to the specific country or place.

So all one needs to do is, get in touch with a similar organization and discuss their entire trip and the details of arrival and departure with them. After this, they might be able to suggest efficient solutions for the same, without having to wait for long. The best part is that they have qualified medical professionals for the aid of people. One can easily find the answers to their different medical requirements on the go, with such companies, and it shouldn't be overlooked at all.

Find more about the different options available for clinics on the go that offer services for travel immunization at

Monday, July 30, 2012

Travel Vaccination – Better Be Prepared than Scared

Travel or not to travel?
This is a big question that most people in NYC face, when they come across the news that airfares have become cheaper in the U.S. Sure, there are certain things that make travelling overseas seem quite frightening; however, we 'New Yorkers' spend our lives doing nothing else expect work, so, whenever we get a chance (cheaper airfares) we must cash it and travel to revitalize our lives.
From viruses (yuck) to malaria to the new H1N1 virus, international travellers are exposed to many grave diseases around the world – but it is better to be prepared than scared. Besides pooping the required dose of multivitamins and putting a bottle of hand sanitizer before boarding a plane, traveler should receive immunizations that are needed or recommended for entering certain nations. Yes, you heard it right Travel Immunizations! To avoid bad things from playing games with your health, all you just need is to visit a travel vaccination clinic (or travel clinic) in NYC, before you jet off and all will be great.
What is a travel vaccine? It is an inoculation that ensures 100% immunization from any of the many diseases, which are still prevalent in developing and underdeveloped nations. Travel vaccines protect us from diseases such as Swine Flu, Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, Diarrhea and Bird flu.
Visiting a travel healthcare clinic and receiving an inoculation before you travel overseas is a necessity. Remember, it is your responsibility to protect your loved ones and yourself from any kind of health dangers that may be present in the country you are going for a holiday. The vaccines can be received easily, affordably and swiftly at a certified travel health clinic.
Believe or not – many countries will demand that you have a certain travel immunization before you enter their borders. This is true for countries where there is high risk of contracting yellow fever or other deadly diseases. In such places, you will need to provide to the concerned authorities the certificates manifesting that you have received the entailed vaccines. It is extremely essential that you consult an experienced and reliable doctor, who can educate you about the travel immunizations that are compulsory. Moreover, it is important that you must take travel shots for diseases like HPV, influenza, pneumonia, tetanus and diphtheria.
To make sure that you enjoy your overseas trip and come back home only with good memories, it is imperative that you take travel shots at least 6-weeks before your trip abroad. A certified travel clinic NYC doctor will do more than just inserting needles in you. He will guide on what all food products and drinks you must avoid consuming when abroad. In addition, he will write you necessary prescription so, that you do not run out of medicines when overseas.
If you receive all these vaccines and precautions before jetting off, you cannot only save yourself from some of the most fatal diseases in the world, but help in preventing them from spreading from one nation to another.
For more information about Travel Clinic NYC visit:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take a Step towards Travel Vaccination to Safeguard People on Long Trips

When taking a group of people out for any sorts of long trips, it is extremely important to care for their diverse healthcare needs and requirements. There might different sorts of trips that people go to, these can be vacations, corporate travel, missionary works as well as research based travel.
In such times, it is important to have the right health partner with you. It's because the outdoors are always full of different types of infections and diseases. This is why it is very important to have a perfect health partner who can appropriately help the team of people to stay off the risk of these diseases from simple cold and flu vaccines to a number of other diseases such as Hepatitis, tetanus, Meningitis, Yellow fever, Polio, rabies and so on.
Suppose you are out on a road trip in the American outback and you happen to be bit by an animal, and are open to the risk of rabies. These are the situations that can be kept under control with the aid of the services being provided by the companies that offer help.
One might think that this would be a costly affair, and they might have to pay a lot of money to avail such services. The truth is that these services don't cost too much money and one can even acquire online quotes from different firms offering such solutions before they can decide whom to trust in the end.
One has the liberty to plan their entire trip and discuss with the companies offering healthcare services on travel and the per capita cost for the services can be easily determined with the help of the same. With the online services available with many companies giving travel vaccination services across the country.
This shall be a very positive step taken towards securing the health needs of people. It will increase the productivity of the trip for the people taking part in it, whether it is a vacation trip or a commercial one.
One shouldn't ignore such an important aspect of the trip, and it should be entrusted to the care of professionals, who can definitely match up to the international health standards. Companies providing these services have their contact numbers where customers can discuss their specific needs with the firms and get appropriate answers to their needs. So dot wait anymore and avail the best healthcare services on the go and contact the companies offering such savvy services.
Find more about travel vaccination services in the vicinity at

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Important Facts to Know about Travel Vaccinations

We all love touring to different places in some way or the other. But often forgets to get ourselves vaccinated for the same. Since, we plan to tour various parts of the world so; it’s become our duty to get ourselves immunized timely. Basically, the travel vaccination is done when one wants travel overseas accompanied with their friends and family.
Getting oneself vaccinated means securing from the dreadful diseases, which one may get afflicted to during the journey. The vaccination for travel becomes the integral part of every journey that may be planned on scheduled or advanced rate depending on the traveler choice.
When undergoing the travel vaccine treatment, make it a pint to consult your doctor beforehand as their there are some vaccinations that may require a prolonged administering for right benefit. Thus, following the impact of vaccination on the human body it is divided into three categories:
  1. Mandatory Immunization: These are termed to be the important vaccinations that are to be given to the traveler prior to moving to certain country for recreation. The most common in these are yellow fever and meningitis. These vaccinations are administered to traveler in course so that he or she may be protected from the transmission of the respective disease once he or she lands in the respective country.
  2. Routine Immunization: These are the routine vaccinations given to the person since childhood till he grows up to counterfeit the effect of certain dreadful diseases such as hepatitis A and B, polio, pneumonia, meningitis, typhoid and so on. As a matter of protection, if one fails to get the desired vaccination at the time of childhood then he may need to consult his doctor on how to be safe from these diseases while traveling.
The administering of these travel vaccinations may help the person to be safe and free from the dreadful affects of the disease for long hours on the journey. So, whenever you plan to get yourself vaccinated for travelling, ensure to consult your doctor in advance.
As different countries require different immunization or administration of drugs, having a knowledgeable guide towards the travel vaccination from the respective may help a person to be safe and free for traveling. Thus, enjoying a holiday with your loved one's may never be so exciting once you get you and dear ones fully vaccinated from various encountering diseases.
To get yourself updated to various medications or injections for travel vaccination, surf online or consult your physician on regular terms. For more details, visit

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Physician from Travel Clinic in NYC can make your Holiday Trip Worry-free

Here come the vacations and you plan out a big long holiday with family to rejuvenate yourself from the daily schedule. But it is not so easy till you get your family and loved ones vaccinated against several ailments which you may encounter on the beautiful trip to overseas.

Whenever you plan to visit any destination, make sure to have full knowledge about the place, culture, climate, food everything so it may not pose any problem at last moment you start the journey. Getting yourself and family vaccinated in a clinic at NYC for the respective ailments require a lot of search and understanding. You need to work out the full cost plan against vaccinations you about take at the time of recreation.

For this, you may need to look out for the best Travel Clinic NYC physician, proficient enough to give the full-fledged knowledge for the certain ailment and right type of vaccination to be taken for the same. There are several medications and vaccinations require advanced dosage planning based on the country or city you plan to visit with family.

Let us know some of the basic ailments that require compulsory treatment before starting off the journey to picturesque destination.

Tetanus/ Diphtheria:
This particular vaccination is administered to a person at age of 10 to prevent him from undue surgery or injury. This injection prevents lockjaw. With this diphtheria vaccine is also administered that may lead to minor symptoms of redness or swelling on the body portion where it is injected but need to worry it is normal. Tetanus/diphtheria immunization comes under the insurance cover, thus it is best to visit those travel clinic only which works in collaboration with insurance companies granting coverage against medical insurance.

Hepatitis A& B shots:
It has been revealed by WHO statistical info that near about 1.50 million Americans suffer from this disease on average basis. The person suffering from this ailment usually gets cirrhosis, liver or cancer problems. So, it is important to administer this vaccination at school age to children and save them from the dreadful symptoms of Hepatitis. It is an infectious disease, so must be taken into great concern or consideration.

Typhoid Vaccination:
It is the unusual ailment caused due to dirty conditions. It is being administered by way of medications and should be taken great care of for 5 to 7 years. It is an infectious fever thus takes a great time to heal.

Besides this, there are additional packages to travel vaccinations and immunization that must be undertaken based on plan of visit to the respective country or city. Since all these medications may heal you and family on temporarily basis but what is mainly required is to take the desired preventive measures against the ailments to enjoy the vacations to fullest!

To seek guidance from a Travel Clinic NYC doctor, visit

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get the Best Travel Immunization in New York’s Travel Clinics

Are you planning a breathtaking tour to foreign countries? It is the wondrous task but in all this do not forget to plan a good health checkup visit to the doctor prior to travelling. Taking good care of health is an important part of travel because until and unless you are not healthy, you wouldn't be able to feel and share the happy experiences during your travel.
There are several health problems that may be encountered during the travel, the common ones are malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis A&B, tetanus, dengue, typhoid, rabies, diarrhea and lot more. So, it is the prime duty of a traveler to get vaccinated for the respective health ailments. While undergoing a recreational plan make sure to have proper knowledge about the travel immunizationand medication process one need to follow on priority basis.
Listed below is the questionnaire to work out for planning a good travel plan:
What is the best time to get oneself vaccinated for traveling?
If you are planning a trip to other country it is important to get vaccinated six months before leaving. To get the proper immunization one must search the good travel clinic. The doctor at a travel clinic may assist you in true sense about what type of vaccinations or medication you generally require for the health. When you visit the doctor place make sure to take your past and current medical records for reference.
What kind of travel immunization does one really requires?
Whenever you plan a recreational tour it is best to get yourself immunized with all the basic vaccinations particularly in shots depending on the traveling requirement to the respective country such as yellow fever vaccinations for Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America tours.
From where do we get the Recommendations for Travel immunizations?
To get the desired information for the important vaccinations and medications you may consult the travel clinic doctor. To locate the best travel clinic based in New York City for travel vaccinations, you must browse online or consult your friends and relatives.
How to give the Vaccination Proof administered for travelling?
Once you get vaccinated for respective health ailments, the travel physician supplies the international health certificate to offer detail view of the immunization you had undertaken for the particular travel visit. The particular international health certificate is approved by government against the travel immunization.
Thus, it is never late to plan a holiday to an exotic destination with your loved ones but make sure to get you and your family vaccinated from a good travel clinic in New York to be safe and secure from health ailments.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Important Vaccinations Administered in Travel Clinic

Here comes the summer, pack your bags and move out for an enticing vacation to the foreign land. Hey! Wait have you got immunized yourself with important vaccinations? If not, get it immediately.
Traveling abroad may be an exciting and adventurous experience but all may go in vain if you suffer from minor health problem and forgot to take proper medication or immunization for it. Whatever may you have planned for the vacation, keeping good health while traveling is a must. Take an appointment with the doctor of Travel Clinic to solve the respective issue in minutes.
The travel clinic doctors may help in planning the best course of medications and immunizations for the long awaited trip make it really adventurous and memorable for you and loved ones. Your doctor becomes your best guide to make you enjoy the healthy lifestyle during the expedition. He makes you aware of the important medication and immunization course need to be taken before going on tour to other country.
Determine the course of vaccinations require for traveling:
To know about the basic immunization details for the certain health diseases it is important to browse online and get the required details such as:
Polio: It is viral disease that affects the nerves and lead to partial or full paralysis attack. It is caused due to polio-virus that may spread from direct personal contact, infected mucus, phlegm or feces. It is administered in drops any time before travel.
Hepatitis A and B: It is the inflammation of the liver and is detected either in blood or stool test. It is water and food borne disease which needs two times dose treatment administered in the gaps of 12 months.
Rabies: It is a viral infection mainly occurs due to the spread of the infected animals. The infected virus slowly enters the human body through bite or broken skin causing inflammation of brain.
It is treated through injections in course of three to four weeks before travel.
Yellow fever: It is viral infection happens with the mosquito bite. The medication to the respective ailment can be administered ten days before traveling.
Typhoid Fever: It is a fever caused due to infection of bacteria named as Salmonella typhi. It spread through the consumption of contaminated food, water or drink. The affected person is administered with Typhoid vaccination either through injection or medication.
Tetanus: It is the infection of the nervous system happens due to deadly bacteria named as Clostridium tetani. The tetanus injection is a must when you are on expedition to avoid any serious inflammation in the body because of iron injury.
For more information about Travel Clinic visit:

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Physician from a Travel Clinic in NYC educates us on Typhoid Fever

Every year thousands of New Yorkers travel to picturesque and off beat destinations. These trips may sound enticing but may pose many dangers to the health of a traveler. There are a host of diseases a traveler can get affected with while traveling to different parts of the world. There are various travel clinics in New York City that render travel advice and vaccinations to travelers. Most Travel Clinic NYC professionals educate the travelers comprehensively on the various health lapses they can encounter while abroad. Typhoid is one of the most common medical conditions that can affect any traveler.
In the section below, a travel clinic NYC physician talks about the medical condition of typhoid for the information of all those who are planning to travel abroad for business or leisure purposes -
What is typhoid? Typhoid fever also commonly known as typhoid is a disease that affects thousands around the globe every year. This fever is generally contracted by drinking water that has been contaminated by the feces of an infected person. The strain of bacteria that causes this disease is Salmonella enterica that grows rapidly at the optimum human body temperature. Typhoid is known all over the world with various names such as gastric fever, slow fever, nervous fever and phytogenic fever to name a few.
What are the signs and symptoms associated with typhoid? The typhoid fever has four different stages that are marked with different symptoms. In the first week of the fever the affected individual experiences headache, cough cold and a rise in the body temperature. These symptoms can also be accompanied with a bloody nose and abdominal pain. The Widal test generally used to screen typhoid shows negative results in the first week. In the second week the fever increases along with the patient going in to delirium in many cases. Rose spots may appear all over the body accompanied with diarrhea. In the second week, the Widal tests show positive results with the antibodies. In the third week the patient exhibits neuropsychiatric symptoms and even metastatic abscess. The patient also has high fever and continues to be in a state of delirium. In the last and final stage the fever subsides.

How can a travel clinic help to avert a possible case of typhoid while a person on a trip abroad? A travel clinic can provide an immense amount of help to travelers to keep themselves guarded while on a trip abroad. These clinics advise the patients comprehensively on sanitation and hygiene. Since it affects only humans, food and drink in environments polluted with human excrements should be avoided.
The travel clinic also provides vaccinations for the prevention of typhoid. It is strongly recommended for travelers before trips to affected areas. Boosters also need to take in case of two years for injectable forms and for five years in case an oral vaccine had been administered.
For more information about Travel Clinic NYC visit:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Yourself Immunized before you leave for Vacations at a Travel Clinic

Do you have any plans to travel this summer? If yes! Do not forget to visit the travel clinic for vaccinations. You must be wondering why? Because undertaking the services of these clinics may help getting the specialised medical treatment mandatory for going on expedition to various destinations across the globe.
Travel Clinics an impressive form of health institutions providing deliberate services to the customers before or on the expedition to make them enjoy the vacation with great enthusiasm and joyous mood. Mainly the travel clinic is meant for overseas travellers, who are going on customized vacation with their friends and family members.
These clinics have got great applauds from the people residing worldwide for its top class services offered in association with World Health Organization (WHO). The tailor made line of treatment for the patient makes him forgets all his unwanted worries he faced while holidaying overseas. Following the set frame of patient's health situation and touring plans, the well-trained staffs of travel health clinic is appropriate enough to get the basic immunization and prescriptions’ for the requisite disease.
The major cause of becoming ill while holidaying is the consumption of contaminated water and food, opening a door to the several diseases like malaria, cholera, diarrhoea, fever, itching, skin allergies and lot more. When you are travelling towards the Asian or African countries getting yourself suffering from epidemics is the common chance. So, it is important that you get yourself properly vaccinated or immunized to overcome the disease woes.
According to the WHO revelations, the person should be administered with these vaccinations seven weeks before travelling to check out the side-effect, if any. The health professionals working here helps in delivering all the info and details about the diseases and preparing the right medical kit for the same. These travel health clinics are so popular overseas that they have multifarious services to cater to customers based upon their demand and affordability.
There are also such clinics providing all the medical services at the doorstep and their assistance desk works 24X7, in case of emergency. These clinics are facilitated to provide personalized services for the elderly people, by way of nurse or attendant for their full healthcare during travelling. Thus, getting required help from these health clinics may make you enjoy the healthy and joyous vacation of your lifetime.
In order to search the best travel clinic within your vicinity you just need to browse the net and look out for the reviews being posted by the satisfied consumers for the services inherited by them!
For more information visit:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Travel Clinic NYC – Do a Quick Travel before you Plan a Big Travel

True said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. None of us can dare to bond his life to work; no one likes to abide Hippocratic Oath throughout his life. Even birds go on vacation, after pecking in a particular season their exodus to other country is for sure. The same is in case of human, but we cannot just fly away, we need to take certain precaution before we touch any other land besides our motherland. There is nothing racial in this, it is just that prevent and prepare is always better than repent and repair. Through this article, I want to highlight few very important things that I learnt from a discussion held between Sam (my manager) travelling to India and an expert from a Travel Clinic NYC.
I am travelling to India for a business deal, and here is my travel itinerary and precisely my route of travelling will be Delhi – Kanpur –Delhi. So, just wondering if you can suggest me what medical precautionary step I must consider before leaving United States and do I require shots for diseases like Yellow Jack or Malaria? Please, guide me, I don’t know whether I am anxious or excited; it is kind a mixed emotions.
Travel Clinic NYC expert:
Well, good that you travelled us before you travelled India. Like other developing nations, India is also prone to many health diseases.
Let us start with your first stay, which your itinerary says is Delhi
This place is lying on your front for malaria and for sure you need prophylactic medication for that, which will be given to you once we finish. Besides that you got to protect yourself from mosquito stings and for that we recommend you to wear full sleeves shirts and wear long pants, when you are out. By the time you reach there, it will be summer and India’ summer is extremely opposite from the one we have here. So, do not forget to pack some sunscreens and your shades.
Then comes your second destination i.e. Kanpur; a place of which water is polluted, as per our database. Another issue that seeks attention at this place is diarrhea. So, you need to either boil the water before you drink it or buy Mineral water cases as soon as you land. You are not suppose to take risk of even brushing your teeth with that polluted water; you must not take any milk or diary product and do not dare to use ice cubes.
Therefore sir, you made a right move that you visited us, now another Travel Clinic NYC expert will be shortly with you, who will give you the needed shots, prescription for the medicines and your travel medical kit. Have a safe tour.
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