Monday, April 20, 2015

Why are travel vaccinations so important before travelling?

Whenever you are roaming to other countries, you have high chances to face some health issues. Whether you are travelling for a business purpose, or going for a family vacation, then chances of getting sick and getting prone to diseases are high.

The travel immunizations in NYC are the shots that are specially made to overcome these diseases. These are applied in the form of injections. These vaccinations are applied before travel to save you from many of the diseases. You can’t understate if you are going for travelling purposes.

If you are planning to go for a trip outside the country, it is highly recommended to get proper vaccinations and get full survey about it. It is the best passport to a healthy lifestyle. You should always take special safety gauge against the disease like yellow fever and hepatitis that can spread easily.

Tips that will safeguard you against the diseases-

  • It is good to carry packed water with you or buy a good branded water bottle that is safe to drink.
  • Thorough body checkup should be done before you to travel. This will safeguard you from any kind of situation.
  • Proper certification is provided which certifies you that you are protected against the diseases. If you carry certification then it would not only shield you from various diseases but will help you in proving yourself to the airport authorities.
  • You should not wait till the last moment to get vaccine shots because there are some vaccines like yellow fever that needs to taken span of 2 weeks ahead of travelling time.
  • It is always suggested to consult your family doctor about the immunization as they can prove to a best guide to you.
  • While going for a visit to the physician, make sure that you discuss well with your doctor. He should be aware of body symptoms, so that he can take preventive measures if suffering from any kind of allergies.
  • You should carry sanitizers in your bag while travelling and should make a habit of hand cleaning frequently as you get instant contact with the bacteria after a short span of time.
  • You should keep an eye to what you eat 2-3 days before you travel to any place. It is suggested to have processed diet that are rich in protein and particularly should consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All you need to know about yellow fever before you plan to travel

Before planning your journey abroad, you need to investigate about the health threats of that region. In tropical regions (like Africa), chances of yellow fever are high.

If we discuss about yellow fever, it is a very deadly disease, which are found in Africa and Latin America. Persons living here in these areas are prone to this disease. As there is no cure to this disease, so half of the population is affected by yellow fever and due to non curable disease they die. Current estimates show that around 35000 people are killed every year because of yellow fever.

This disease is caused by bite of a mosquito which is infected and is further spread to humans. After a span of three to 5 days, the infected person develops the onset of fever. The person’s liver may be damaged that leads to jaundice in which eyes and the skin becomes yellowish. The name yellow fever has been given due to yellow color caused in the body. The person may feel vomit and joint pain, bleeding from nose.

The occurrence of yellow fever can be prevented by having yellow fever shot in NYC. This vaccination should be taken 10 days prior to you travel to outbreak areas. If you are frequent visitor to these epidemic areas, then you should take this vaccine after every 10 years. It is recommended that despite of vaccination, they should avoid coming in contact with the mosquito bite.

After you get yellow fever vaccination, you should seek for International Certificate of Vaccination. After you get yellow fever vaccination, you should seek for International Certificate of Vaccination. This certificate is valid from 10 days after the vaccination and is valid up to 10 years.

Some precautions should be taken in spite of getting vaccinated. Those are discussed below-
  • It is recommended for you to stay in air-conditioned areas with fully well screened rooms.
  • Avoid wear clothes that do not fully cover your body. If you wear clothes that fully cover your body, then chances of mosquito bite would be less.
  • You should make effective use of mosquito repellents in the rooms and area around you so that chances of infected mosquito bite is less.
  • Avoid leaving out during sunset and sunrise as chances of getting infected is more seen during this time.