Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Planning a Travel to a Different Country, Seek Vital Information from a Travel Clinic in NYC

Travelling is a common interest, a kind of leisure activity pursued by millions around the globe. The individual reasons for travelling could be diverse. Every year, thousands of New Yorkers escape to exotic and remote getaways. However, travelling to a remote destination does not merely involve booking the tickets and packing the backpack. An individual has to take necessary precautions and prepare adequately for his/her safety while disembark a journey. Travel clinic is the name that springs up in mind for those looking for essential advice to make their travel a joyful experience. A travel clinic NYC expert provides services and advice to people who might fall victim of unwanted health issues or to those who are under the routine medication related to the treatment.

The section below helps to understand the importance of the services provided at travel clinics -

  1. These clinics provide vital information and advice to the travellers about infections or illnesses they may get on their trip

  2. There is an extensive discussion on food and water to be followed to prevent the possibilities of any infection. This is because drinking water may contain the bacteria that could be detrimental to an individual’s health.

  3. A travel clinic NYC physician also administers vaccinations that are important while travelling to certain countries. The Centre of Disease Control has classified these vaccinations in to three categories, namely routine, recommended & required. There are some countries that allow entry through their border control only when a person has a proof of being vaccinated

  4. A qualified doctor at a travel clinic also prescribes the necessary medicines to those who suffer from motion sickness or Jet Lag during or after their tiresome journey.

  5. In case, if the traveller is on any kind of prescription drug for a medical condition, the travel clinic physician may also provide a written prescription.

A little prevention with the guidance of a travel clinic NYC physician can make a vacation enjoyable. Visit for further details.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get the best treatment from a Travel Clinic to Stay Healthy when you Travel

Travelling around all over the world gives an individual a chance to explore this beautiful world with different cultures and people. Before considering a travel agent, it is important for an individual to call a travel clinic to get out of dangers of any health complications during travelling. These clinics are important as they offer expert advice and treatment designed specifically to an individual’s personal travel itinerary.

Why these clinics are important?

Common precautions: These clinics alert their patients in all manners to make sure that they do not get sick in their journeys. These clinics guide the travellers with basic medical knowledge to treat themselves in case of sickness. This may include avoiding water and food in several parts of the world. Brushing one’s teeth and trying to avoid drinks with ice cubes that are a good source of bacteria. It is highly recommended for an individual travelling overseas is not to eat peeled off fruit.

Blood clots and motion sickness: A travel clinic prides itself in serving the travellers for matters related to health. A jet lag is one of the major issues while travelling overseas but useful information is helpful in avoiding this discomfort. A traveller may also face the risk of forming blood clots. Many people travel with pre-existing blood clotting and vein disorders and hence it is important to get advice from these clinics to get the best and timely information to deal with medical complications.

Immunizations and Vaccines: The travellers are provided the correct time and dose of their vaccines by the centres of disease control and prevention. It is important for a traveller to carry evidence of time, routine, dosage amount of any vaccine in order to gain entry in to a country.

These clinics have all the necessary information whether an individual is new to some disease or has a pre-existing condition. It recommends every treatment to the traveller according to the time and situation.

Are you leaving for a tour and worried about your health. Travel Clinic assures you to provide best treatment. Please have a look at for more details.