Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Travel Clinics: Your Ultimate Guide To A Safe And Sound Travel Abroad

Travel clinics provide the required shots and precautionary advice regarding the diseases prevalent in that area where you are travelling to. The travel clinic in NYC is the best bet if you want to get the immunization shots comparative to the regular clinics.

With the travel preparations like best air ticket and staying arrangements, the most important element is usually neglected. The travel shots should be taken before you visit the foreign country. So go to travel clinic if you want to travel abroad. You can have a worry free travel and be protected from endemic diseases that present in some places. 
Yellow Fever immunization is the necessary for the travellers. Yellow Fever basically is transferred through mosquito bites in the regions with hot climatic conditions like that of Sub Saharan Africa or South American countries. So it is important to take yellow fever travel shot before you travel to such countries.

It is advisable to get Hepatitis B vaccination before you visit european countries and countries of Asia, S.america and Africa. And if your travel itinerary also has outdoor activities scheduled, then do get Rabies shots as well. The malaria is also prevalent in regions of Asia, South America and Africa.

So the shot of Chemoprophylaxis can be taken, which is anti-malarial drug and you should get checked from your physician as this treatment can have side effects. Travelers are checked for Yellow Fever shots in places like Africa and South American countries, or they are barred from entering their place. Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis and Influenza can be prevented if you have adequate medication beforehand.

Good practice for taking the travel shots would be to visit the travel clinic three weeks in advance. The travellers ought to present the doctor with the travel itinerary and tell him in detail, which areas you have on your visit list including the activities you have planned so that you can be given information about the illnesses that are present in those places and advise you about the precautions like avoiding drinking and eating in the streets with improper hygiene and taking proper gear for the tracking to avoid getting bitten by the insects and animals alike.

Travel shots have to be administered weeks before so that they can start working in your bloodstream and give you the required immunization. Sometimes multiples doses are required for the vaccination to actually work.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Take The Preventive Health Measures Before Travelling Abroad

A lot of preparation is required to make your journey safe and secure. You need to take extra precautions especially when you are travelling overseas. You need to seek good health services If you are traveling to countries where pandemics are rampant. It helps to make your journey hassle free.

A travel clinic gives you vital information about the diseases in a particular place where you plan to go. It aims to equip you with the information that you need to protect yourself from hazardous diseases and what type of precautions you need to take before travelling.
The risk of various diseases is increasing with the increasing incidences of pandemic in various parts of the world. These risks depend upon the age of person, health status, mode of travel, destination, duration of stay, and purpose of travel. It is necessary to take precautions, medications and vaccines to prevent yourself from various illnesses.

Motion sickness, jet lag, heatstroke, traveler's diarrhea, altitude-related illness, malaria, and yellow fever are the basic threats that might affect your health while traveling abroad. For example, there are maximum chances of malaria while travelling to Africa and South America. Yellow fever is  quite common in the region of  Africa and South America.

It is beneficial to visit clinic  four to six weeks prior to your trip. Even if you plan a trip on a short notice, you should not ignore the importance and efficacy of visiting your nearest clinic to get the necessary vaccines and medications. A Travel Clinic in New York  can help you with general tips on motion sickness, and other problems with air travel.

Some specific tips are also given to pregnant women, newborns, infants, children, elderly, handicapped, and the people who suffer from chronic illnesses or cardiac diseases. The health professionals at these clinics may recommend you to carry the travel health kit and the appropriate medicines that you may need while travelling.

If you wish to travel abroad, precautions should be given the first preference before travelling to make a joyful and memorable journey.