Thursday, September 26, 2013

Planning to go abroad? Pre-book your travel vaccination in NYC!

Are you the traveler? Then very first thing you need to do is protect yourself from life-threatening diseases.

You may require attaining several kinds of immunizations before heading on for an international trip. Some vaccines may require to be attained prior to the trip or just few days before the trip.

Further the attainment of vaccines is categorized on the basis of doses, as well because some vaccines would either require 2-3 doses and some may require even more, depending on the country one is visiting, season, duration of stay and residing place.

However, to attain it, a traveler needs to schedule an appointment with a travel clinic.
Unlike to hospitals, where one has to wait in long queues, travel clinics schedule the vaccination of travelers in NYC, right away when they enter the clinic. There in the doctor will first examine the traveler and then provide relevant vaccines.

Vaccinations are basically categorized in three types: routine, required, and recommended. Further which is sectioned on various other factors like:

Vaccination for special needs: People who are chronic to health problems like asthma, diabetes or any respiratory and cardiac ailments; they will be given vaccines keeping in mind their pre-existing medical condition. This is because attainment of travel vaccine can be harmful to their life, if not considered. Moreover, adults over the age of 65 will also be provided special vaccines, because of the same reason.

Vaccination for children: Vaccination to children and young adults are also given with cautious because immune system of them is not too strong that could take up the strong doses of vaccines. This is why medical practitioners usually recommend Hepatitis B and Meningococcal disease to protect them against diseases.

Vaccination for high risk areas: If a traveler is going to a high risky area, travel clinic doctor will surely give him or her recommended vaccine. Some of these include Japanese encephalitis, tuberculosis and typhoid. However, before giving immunization, doctor will ensure from the government travel advisory about the disease prevalent in the location where traveler is heading.

Vaccination for specific diseases: Vaccination for a number of specific diseases like influenza, yellow fever, rabies, Q fever, meningitis, as well as hepatitis A and B are especially not missed out because these are most deadly disease that are commonly found in other countries.

Along with vaccines, doctor will also provide travel health advice to people that will help safeguard them from minor illnesses like fever, cough, cold etc. Eventually, this will help ensure the traveler that he is completely safeguarded from the deadly diseases.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you are thinking to go abroad then definitely get travel vaccination from NYC to have a safe and pleasant trip.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To make your journey healthy & stress free, get immunizations & yellow fever shot!

Before heading on for an abroad trip, many things are needed to be taken into consideration. Out of all, a very important aspect that cannot be missed out is related to health.

Before beginning the journey, visiting a walk in clinic is the foremost thing that is needed to be done. Although there are hospitals and clinics to cater this as well, but choosing travel clinics is the visible option because doctors and nurses of these clinics have their forte in providing travel vaccines.

Moreover, consultation with travel clinic doctor would provide you all essential information that would help you prevent from coming in contact with harmful diseases.

People who have altitude sickness or are vulnerable to motion sickness when flight takes off or lands, they will get necessary medicines from the travel doctor that would help in controlling their motions and make them feel at ease.

The doctors of these clinics are not just specialized in providing medications and vaccines, they are very well aware of thee climatic conditions of the country where you are planning to visit. The disease prevalent in those areas that is causing increase risk of health issues is also known by the doctors.

Vaccines are categorized in three types: routine required and recommended. According to your location and diseases prevalent there, you would be given thee vaccines from either of the types of vaccines. There are chances that you might even get all the vaccines, after seeing your journey location and vaccines that you have not attained so far.

Usually, routine and recommended vaccines are given before the starting of journey and required ones are those that are must be taken (which are also demanded by the authorities of other countries). Till the time, immigrant is not immune with the required vaccines; they do not allow the immigrant to enter the country.

Basically, vaccines that come under required category are: yellow fever shot, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Polio, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Tetanus, Meningitis and few others. However, requirement of in-taking of these vaccinations would depend on the location factor. Thinking why? Well, because yellow fever is prevalent in countries like West and Central Africa and in parts of Central and South America and respectively other diseases would be spread in different locations.

Furthermore, to prove that vaccines are taken by the immigrant, a certificate is needed to be shown, which is provided by the travel clinic doctor.

As travel clinic doctors are specialized in providing immunizations like yellow fever shot, if one is heading to West and Central Africa or in parts of Central and South America, they must get immunization.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Travel only after immunizing your body from the possible heath threats!

Travelling is one of the most adventurous activities there is. Regardless of whether you are travelling for work or leisure, you will get to see new faces, places and experience new culture and one is bound to get excited by the very thought of what’s in store, when one travels.
But do you know that your body cannot adjust in a new environment right away?
No, I’m not talking about jetlag or the weather! I am in fact referring to the fact that there are certain odd diseases that thrive in certain areas of the world. These diseases are not odd because they are rare or unique.
Diseases like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid exist all around the world, but because you haven’t had to face them where you live, and so they are rare and unique for you, reason being that your body is not prepared to handle them.
Immunity, as you may know builds naturally. For example, an infant may take long to recover from a mosquito bite or a skin rash but as he grows into an adult, his body has the ability to deal with such issues and can recover, even overnight.
When you go overseas, it will not be wrong to say that you are like an infant and the local diseases, like the mosquito bite in the above sited example. As such, it will not be considered wise on your part to travel without being fully prepared to tackle the same.
But do not worry, because there is a simple solution to this problem. Look for a clinic that provides Travel Vaccines in New York City or wherever you are boarding from.

Leave the details up to the in-house experts. They will let you know exactly which shot you need to get, depending on where you are travelling.

For example if you are off to a certain nation in Africa or South America, you may be prone to acquiring Yellow Fever, similarly you are prone to Polio if you are travelling to Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

Just make sure that you disclose your travel plan to the doctor in full detail so he knows what to treat you with and how to go about it.

You have to understand that here in the US, health standards are among the highest in the world and several diseases like polio have been eradicated fully.

Diseases are not just limited to the developing countries of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe or Central America but even in the so called developed second and first world countries, so visit a specialist before you travel to anywhere in the world just to be sure.

Travel Vaccines in New York City are like a gift any anyone that is travelling globally. Visit one, before boarding that plane to prevent serious repercussions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Travel Immunizations are a must before you go out from your country!

With the desire to visit beautiful destination all across the world, millions of people travel to foreign countries in order to explore beauty and charm associated with some popular destinations of the world. Interestingly, the number of people who travel from one place to the other has doubled in the past few years.

But, this increased number of travelers from all over the world has resulted in numerous health issues.  The surveys conducted in different parts of the world shows that numerous health problems have become common in certain places.
That is why; different nations are taking precautions and appropriate measures to prevent different health issues.  Some of the countries in different parts of the world do not give entry to foreigners, if they are not immunized.

Such conditions have resulted in development of travel vaccines NY. These types of vaccinations are specifically meant for people who want to have a splendid vacation outside their country. 

In order to get more information about such vaccines, it would be a fair idea to schedule a meeting with a travel doctor.  The travel doctors have wide knowledge of different types of diseases that are common in different nations and what can be done to stay away from these health issues, when you are on a vacation in foreign land.

Furthermore, they will discuss necessary details of your trip so as to provide you some valuable tips that will help you in staying fit on a foreign land.  They will let you know what to do and what to avoid on visiting a particular country.
Climatic conditions vary from one country to the other. That is why, you need to be careful during your trip. You can get yourself immunized in order to protect yourself from infections and other diseases.

Apart from this, on visiting a travel expert, it is a must for you to tell your doctor clearly about your previous medical history, in case, if you are suffering from any health problem. In such conditions, your doctor will give you proper medications and immunizations that will keep you healthy and fit when you are out from your native country.

Besides this, some people suffer from altitude sickness. Such people may feel tired and restlessness. But, on discussing such issues with a travel expert, he or she will give you certain tips to minimize the effect of altitude sickness and jet lag.

So,  whenever you are going out for a vacation or any business purpose, do not think much in going to a travel doctor as he or she will give you best information and guidance that will help you in preventing yourself from any health issue.

The benefits associated with travel vaccines NY are countless. So, get yourself immunized before you go out from your native country.