Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things You Should Remember about Travel Shots

Whether you need travel shots or not depend on which part of the world you are travelling. Not all countries will demand the must have travel shots before visiting that country but your concern is more important when it comes to travel shots.

But if you are decided that you need the travel shots make sure you schedule a visit to your doctor at least 4 to 6 weeks before you visit to any country. Because most vaccines need some time to be effective in your body and some vaccines need to take in a series for protecting you against any disease.

If you travel frequently to different parts of the world it is better for you to know about the different kinds of travel shots. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC divide the travel shots into three categories and they are routine, recommended, and required vaccinations. Your doctor will tell which one is needed for you but you should be aware of these from before.

Routine Vaccinations

Routine vaccinations are the vaccinations that offer protection against many common diseases that are prevalent in many parts of the world even though they rarely occur in the United States. Be sure you and your family are up to date with these routine vaccinations. You can check with your doctor or with the CDC website to see which vaccinations come under this group.

Recommended Vaccinations

Some vaccinations are recommended depending upon the parts of the world you are planning to travel. These depend much on your destinations, whether you will be spending much time in rural areas, your age, health status and previous immunizations. You can take a look at the CDC charts to see the countries you are planning to visit and the travel shots that are required to visit those places safely.

Required Vaccinations

Yellow fever shot is the only travel shot that is required by the International Health Regulations when you are planning to visit certain countries in tropical South America or sub-Saharan Africa. For annual travel to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj the Meningococcal vaccination is required by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

Most of the travels shots are not required but many of them are recommended. For ensuring a happy and safe time in abroad you must consider having the necessary travel shots in time. For more information about their services please visit their website