Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going abroad? Is Rabies prevalent there?

Rabies disease may not sound daunting, but its effect can be fatal, if left untreated. Caused by the Rhabdovirus family and spread when any infected pet or wild animal scratches another animal or a human.

Individual suffering rabies might face respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous system problem. If this disease is not treatable on time, it leads to respiratory failure.

Rabies is prevalent in countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Yemen, Ecuador, and Indonesia. Thus, visiting to any areas of these countries might cause risk to your health.

Hence, safeguarding health beforehand is suggested by health specialists, which can be attained if one gets themselves vaccinated, before visiting to any of the epidemic areas.

Procuring rabies vaccine from a travel clinic is the prime option. Though nationwide there are many travel clinics in New York and elsewhere, but to choose one, which is best in providing correct vaccines is most important factor to consider.

Therefore, make sure to visit a health travel medicine clinic which is reputed and do discuss everything like place you visiting, activity in which you would be involved there and need for required vaccines in order to return back home healthy.

Health specialists not just provide vaccines but also explain few emergency first aid measures if an animal a bites, scratches or licks. Following are few of those measures:

Wash the bite immediately under running tap water for at least 15 minutes.

Do not scrub the wound.

Clean the wound with lot of soap or detergent. This helps removed infected animal spit (saliva).

Apply disinfectant like neat alcohol or iodine solution.

Do not apply any bandage on the wound, as it would not stop rather spread further into the body.

Immediately wash your face, if animal spits on your face.

Before disease spread in your body, visit a doctor and get full 3 dose of vaccine.

Do not scratch the wound, as it might increase the risk of rabies virus into body’s nerves.

Many times people are afraid of vaccines side effects. However, there is nothing to worry about. Rabies vaccines provided by health specialists causes no risk to health. Few side effects that might occur after getting vaccination include sore arm, head and muscle aches, and mild fever.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Vaccinations You Need Before Traveling To Asia?

With the increasing number of traveling options world is becoming a small place. Anyone can travel to any place in the world in just few hours. This facility has increased the number of tourists who like to explore world. On the other hand, this facility has also exposed millions of people to the dangers of various diseases.

When people travel to other countries, they are always at the risk of catching a virus to which they are not immune. One may get infected by food, water or any other way. To avoid these dangers, it is necessary to get vaccination before traveling to other countries for holiday. To stay healthy and enjoy holiday, a trip to doctor is necessary.

There are multiple holiday destinations in world and Asia is one of them. Before making a trip to any Asian country, you must get the proper vaccination to avoid any risk of diseases. If you are planning a trip to Asia, get vaccine shots for these diseases:

Hepatitis A and B –Hepatitis A is the infection that affects liver. Its symptoms are loss of appetite, sudden fever, nausea, yellow skin, diarrhea etc. Usually it is caused by contaminated food or water. Symptoms of Hepatitis B are fever, aches, jaundice, vomiting etc. These infections are common in Asia. To prevent these diseases, it is necessary to discuss your trip with your physician and get proper vaccination. If you have already received necessary shot then make sure it is up to date.

Typhoid – This disease is caused by contaminated water or food. Symptoms of this infection are high fever, headache, cough, delirium, diarrhea etc. This disease is common in Southeastern Asia. People who are traveling to the countries of this region must get proper shots for protection.

Japanese encephalitis – This dangerous infection is caused by Japanese encephalitis virus. Its symptoms are high body temperature, fever, malaise, neck stiffness, headache etc. It can be fatal and to prevent it, vaccine shots must be taken by travelers.

Other than these diseases, travelers must get vaccination for Rabies, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Tetanus before traveling to Asia. You must look out for these risks during your trip. Eat and drinking at clean places, avoiding risky areas can help. Before traveling, find a clinic that provides services of Travel Shots in NYC or in the city, you live. With all these precautions, you can reduce the risk of catching a deadly infection.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Vaccines Mandatory To Take Before Travelling Abroad

Vaccines before travelling is must in order to safeguard our health from life threatening diseases that are prevalent in abroad countries.

If planning to travel America, South Africa, and South Asia or for that matter any other abroad country, have you got travel vaccinations?

If no, then right away fix your appointment with a doctor who deals in providing travel immunizations in NYC or elsewhere. Visiting a specialized travel doctor is must because they are well versed with the travel vaccines, diseases prevalent in abroad locations and vaccines required by traveler before visiting a location.

After providing vaccinations, doctor provides a travel certificate, which is mandatory for travelers to carry along with them. If not, they will not be allowed to enter the country to, which they had applied visa.

Following are few vaccinations, which are must for traveler to take when visiting respective abroad locations:

Flu: This disease is prevalent in North America. People visiting this location might have to face fever, headache, and cough, if not immune. Issues can be serious as well i.e. life threatening risk like death.

Hepatitis A: If visiting areas of Indian subcontinent, South America, the Far East and Eastern Europe, traveler is likely to be exposed to Hepatitis A because of the contaminated water and food there. Therefore, in order to stay protected, it is important to get Hepatitis A vaccine.

Yellow fever: It is most petrifying and life threatening disease prevalent in West and Central Africa and in parts of Central and South America. People residing in these countries or visiting these locations never miss out to take yellow fever vaccine. For those who visit these counties quite frequently, do not require getting vaccine as its effects is for almost 10 years.

Japanese Encephalitis: Likewise, yellow fever, this disease is also life threatening. Travelers visiting locations like Southeast Asia and South Asia need to get immune with Japanese Encephalitis.

If you are visiting any of the aforementioned locations, then do make sure you are immune from the diseases prevalent there. Talk to your doctor and confirm that before you head for the trip, you are vaccinated with all the needed vaccines.

Some regular visitors might avoid booster vaccines, but to be on a safe side one must take it, in order to stay risk free.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Have You Vaccinated Before Traveling?

Planning a trip abroad, whether it is for business or vacation, is not easy. You make many arrangements before traveling. You take care of many things like flights, hotel reservation and many other things. However, there is one important factor that people always decide to ignore, which is vaccination. Getting vaccine shots before traveling abroad is necessary. You never know, how much risk you are in while visiting other countries. You might catch a harmless bug or deadly virus. You must be prepared for any situation, which might occur.

That is why people need vaccination before traveling. For this purpose, you need a clinic that provides travel immunization in NYC or in the city, you live. After getting proper shots, you can make a trip to any country. Here is the list of some places, for which you need vaccine shots before going there.

Africa – Before making a trip to Africa, you must research about the risk of different diseases and necessary immunization. There are risks of various diseases like yellow fever, hepatitis b, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid, polio, meningitis, measles, tetanus etc. In some nations, entry is banned without the certificate that shows that you are took proper immunization treatment. Discuss this matter with your physician and get proper vaccination.

South America – Before traveling to South America, you must get shots for yellow fever, cholera and hepatitis a. Typhoid is more common in Central and South America. Malaria and dengue are also big diseases.

Europe – Diseases like Hepatitis A and B are considered a danger for travelers in Southern Europe. However, countries of Europe are counted in developed and industrialized places. The risks of other viruses are decreased here and better healthcare services are also available.

Middle and Far East – In the countries of Middle and Far East, tourists are at risk of cholera, hepatitis a and b, typhoid, meningitis. Before traveling any of these nations, you must discuss the process of vaccination with your physician.

Asia – In the countries of Asia, you must get vaccinated for yellow fever, polio, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, dengue etc. Typhoid is also common in the nations of South East Asia.

Australia – There is no official or special vaccination is necessary for traveling to Australia. However, travelers must get shots for influenza, Japanese encephalitis, tetanus, measles etc.

Some other diseases like Rabies exist in almost all countries. You must gather all the information about different diseases and discuss it with your doctor. A healthcare professional can guide you properly about necessary precautions, preparations, medication etc. Be prepared before making a trip and enjoy a healthy vacation.