Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Packed up for your holiday?

The holiday season calls for a big outing with family and friends. You plan a trip to our dream location and start packing up the essential that you are going to need. Considering the climatic conditions, you will carefully pack the right clothes and shoes for the trip, ‘sunblocks’, moisturisers, hats and sunglasses for summer, or mufflers and gloves for the winter!

How many of us would choose to go in for a pre-travel medical check-up though? Hardly anyone! Because there are so many other things to take care of, we are going to find ourselves usually leaving aside any additional preparations.

You need to understand the importance of Travel Medicine in NYC. It is extremely important that you go for a proper check-up so that you are prepared to take on the new place’s weather. The able staff at the clinics shall not only explain to you about the climate of the place you are about the visit, but shall also help you in preparing in the best way for the same. You need to make sure that you are fit before an outing, so that you don’t find yourself sitting back in the hotel room while others around you go out for sightseeing and enjoy themselves. You need to ensure that the best medical aid is depended upon to keep you away from any sort of diseases and infections.

When you get yourself properly vaccinated and ‘medically ready’ for your trip, you are actually going to save yourself lot of problems. It will mean that you shall be able to enjoy your outing to the fullest. Next, you shall be able to stay fit and healthy, not coming home with deteriorated looks or general wellness.

If you think this is going to take a lot of time or you are going to have to spend too much money on travel vaccinations in NYC, then you are absolutely wrong. Not only are they savvy in terms of service, but you are also going to have to pay only a bare minimum amount for the same.

Looking for suitable options for your requirements is essential so that you don’t face any sort of issues. All you need to do is research well, so that you can find a clinic that has excellent staff and services, who can prepare you and your family for your big outing.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Important things to know about travel immunization

Health is something that needs proper care from all aspects under different situations in life. Suppose, you have to go to an outdoor location due some official reason or pleasure, what about your health care needs? As we all know bacterial diseases are not limited to one part or region of the world, rather they are omnipresent. Therefore, one needs to take proper care in order to protect himself from coming in contact with diseases (sometimes life-threatening).

The current living standards need more attention to be paid towards getting the right kind of safety measures towards diseases and infections so that one can stay safe and protected from them. For this reason, there are numerous companies, also known as travel health care services offer travel clinics. The purpose of such clinics is to provide people a right kind of medical services for vaccinations, first aid services, prescriptions, and all the other things one might require in terms of health care when planning a tour.

Providing travel vaccinations is one of the most common parts of the services offered by travel clinics in NYC. Lets’ briefly understand the concept of such health protective agents:

A vaccination is an administration of antigenic material the purpose of which is to build immunities against infections or viruses that have threatening side-effects. Moreover, vaccines are the most effective way of preventing your body from infectious diseases not only throughout the whole trip but also long after.

There are mainly two types of vaccines: Live attenuated and Inactivated (killed)

The first category of travel vaccinations is prepared from live viruses that have been "attenuated" so that they generally don’t cause the disease. Vaccines come under live attenuated category include Measles, Rubella, Zoster, Mumps, BCG, Yellow fever, Varicella, Intranasal influenza, Rotavirus, Oral polio, Oral typhoid to name a few.

The second category of such protective agents is prepared by developing the viruses in culture and then inactivating (killing) it by using heat or chemicals. Vaccines come under this category such as Diphtheria, Polio shot, Influenza shot, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Acellular pertussis, Pertussis, Human papillomavirus, Typhoid, Anthrax, Rabies etc., do not cause any disease but allow our body to build immunities against viruses.

One important thing to mention here, the right dose of right vaccine is important for the body to fight against life-threatening infections and diseases. Moreover, there is no single way to administer these protective agents to travelers. Clinics providing travel immunization in NYC consider various factors like traveler’s immunization history, location to be visited, disease (if any), age, amount of time before departure, time of stay, and others.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What all questions would strike your mind before getting travel vaccinations?

Either one is visiting nearby or far away country, travel vaccinations are must to be taken before heading up for the trip. This is because of the serious infectious diseases, which are spread in those locations. For example, sub - Saharan Africa and tropical South America is an epidemic area where yellow fever is found. Thus travelers travelling in those areas are at high risk of getting in contact with the infectious disease. Hence, they are advised to get themselves vaccinated.

Although, to get Travel Immunization from NYC or from anywhere around the globe you need to firstly visit travel clinic. These are medical facility centers that are specialized in guiding the travelers and providing travel vaccinations to them; according to the location where they are heading.

However, before visiting to a travel clinic you must have various questions in your mind related to travel vaccines. Let’s have a look-

Why to consult travel clinic doctor and not any other physician?

A travel clinic doctor is preferred rather than a general physician because they are specialized in handling travel related medicines and vaccinations, which a general physician won’t be known for. Moreover, a travel expert can only give in-depth knowledge to a traveler about the diseases prevalent in locations, vaccination required to prevent from those diseases and additional medications required during the trip.

Do I need travel consultation during my second trip also?

Usually, most of the people think once they have gone through travel vaccinations during their first trip they do not require travel vaccines during their second trip. But it’s their misconception! Likewise one had got travel immunization for the first trip, for the second trip also a traveller needs to go for travel consultation. Certainly, this would not have any side effects on their health rather travel vaccinations taken for the second time would act as a booster only.

Which is the best time to consult a travel doctor?

A traveller for sure needs to visit a travel clinic prior 4 or 5 weeks before his or her trip because vaccines take time to make effects in the human body. Even though, if one has to leave within few days, visiting a travel clinic is must so as to minimize the risk associated with the travel.
What does travel consultation comprise of?

During the travel consultation, traveler would get familiarized with all the vaccinations (recommended, required and advised), which he or she would be needed prior to their trip.

What all travel vaccinations would be provided?

Travel clinics of NYC provide all travel vaccines like yellow fever, Hepatitis A & B, Polio, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid, Tetanus, polio and few more.

If travelling with children, old aged people, pregnant women, what else I need to know?

In case, if one is travelling with children, old aged people or pregnant lady then for sure a traveler needs to contact travel clinic as vaccinations being given to them would differ from those being given to other travelers.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All that you need to know about yellow fever vaccination!

History of vaccine:
Yellow fever vaccine has been there since more than 60years. Although, earlier its use was not much but over the last two decades since the time when number of people are getting infected, yellow fever has become a serious health issue for most of the countries. This is the reason why most of the people are recommended to get yellow fever vaccine.
New York scientists at the Rockefeller Foundation developed a live vaccine 17 D, which was attenuated by a serial passage of the Asibi strain in embryonated chicken eggs.
Who should receive Yellow Fever travel Immunization from NYC?
Yellow fever infection is mostly epidemic in the countries like Africa, Central America and South America, thus for the people who are living there and even passing through these countries they are especially recommended to get themselves vaccinated. Moreover, till the time travelers haven’t shown their vaccination certificate they are not allowed to enter into the countries.
Who should not take yellow fever vaccine?
Although, it is quite important for all the travelers to get themselves vaccinated, if they are heading towards the epidemic zones, but there are few others who are not given yellow fever vaccine. Let’s have a look-
  • Infants- Infants who are under 6 months of age they are not given this vaccine as it would cause a risk of encephalitis (brain inflammation). Preferably, this vaccine is deferred till the time child is at the age of 9 to 12 months.
  • Pregnant women’s- Even the pregnant ladies should not get themselves vaccinated as it would infect their growing fetus, which would eventually effect the growth of baby.
  • Going through treatment- Patients who are going through some treatments like cancer, even they are not given yellow fever vaccine.
  • HIV people- HIV infected people are also not recommended to take this vaccine, as they are already going through one treatment. If in case, they do get yellow fever travel vaccinations from NYC then they might have risk of getting complications for their HIV treatment.
Thus on the whole, the only viable option for all such people is that they should avoid travelling to high risk areas till the time they are not allowed by travel clinic doctor.
Effectiveness of vaccine
Yellow fever vaccine is highly effective vaccine. It affects starts within one week from the time traveler has taken the vaccine. A single dose protects the person for at least 10 years and may be for life time.
Booster vaccination
There are people who have to travel to high risky areas again and again, either for their work or for an outing. Reason could be any, but each time they go they have to get themselves vaccinated. However, some may think that last time they had taken the vaccine then what’s the purpose of taking it again. Answer to the query is simple! Yellow fever vaccine never harms the immune system of a traveler rather it acts as a booster to prevent him or her from the deadly disease. 
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What all you can expect from a travel clinic?

According to expert’s report and medical studies, it has been proven that every year millions of people are exposed to health risks, especially those who travel to countries like South America, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and other exotic locations.
So, if you or your loved one or your whole family is planning to visit abroad then first and foremost thing you need to do is pick up your cell and right away book an appointment in a travel clinic of New York City.
However, some may have few questions in their mind like how travel clinics are different from other hospitals or clinics; why to only visit travel clinic; what all things to expect from them?
So, to get all answers to your queries, you must further read this article that would give you clear idea about the travel clinic.
The first and foremost thing that differentiates travel clinics from other hospitals is the specification area. In other words travel clinics are expertise in providing vaccinations and expert medical advices before a traveler visits overseas.
Now, let’s have a look at the things, which you can expect from a travel clinic:
  • Travel guidance: The foremost thing you can expect from travel clinic is complete and detail guidance related travel vaccines and medications required for a safe trip. As they have specification in it, they would be having detail knowledge about the diseases spread in various parts of the countries, what all vaccinations are required to prevent from each disease, pre and post travel advices and special advices to people that have some kind chronic illness.
  • Immunizations: This is the most important thing for, which you would be visiting to a travel clinic. No matter whatever location one is visiting, travel clinics would have all types of vaccines available with them. For example, if you visiting to tropical South America then you would be vaccinated with yellow fever, and respectively with other vaccines, depending on your trip location.
  • Medications: Along with travel vaccinations from NYC, traveler would also be guided with medications that would be helpful in reducing the risk of getting in contact with harmful germs and viruses, which eventually may cause diseases.
  • Travel certificate: To visit abroad a traveler needs to carry travel certificate along with them because it helps in ensuring that the traveler is not prone to any disease and is also being vaccinated. This is important because most of the countries do not allow travelers to enter into their respective country till the time they have shown their travel certificate.

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