Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things to consider while planning to travel!

Other than spending hours on, which clothes to take, beach bags, swimwear, and flip-flops there are few more important things, which are highly important to be considered before heading up for the trip i.e. visiting to a travel clinic, getting travel vaccination and lastly travel certificate.

However, there are few holidaymakers who do not consider it important and travel to areas, which are prone to life threatening diseases. Although such things are not worth skipping because it would spoil your holiday, make you sick and even cause dangerous health hazards like death.

So, getting travel vaccinations from NYC or anywhere around the globe would definitely save you from travel related infections, such as yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A & B and more.

However, there are few things, which you should consider while planning your travel vaccination:

  • Country you are visiting: The first and foremost factor that is considered important for getting vaccination is the region of a country where the traveler is visiting. This is because different areas are prone to different diseases and likewise according to that one needs to get vaccination according to the place one is visiting. For example, if you are visiting West and Central Africa or in parts of Central and South America, then one needs to get yellow fever vaccination; if one is visiting South-East Asia, the Middle and Far East, Southern Europe and Africa, then one needs to get Hepatitis B vaccine.

  • Travelling time period: Along with, which place one is visiting, time period of travelling is also important. This is because some diseases depend on certain times of the year.

  • Staying facility: Staying in rural or urban area is also a reason of causing diseases. This is because staying in hotels is much safer than staying in hostels or camping areas.

  • Duration of stay: Time duration of stay also matters, as greater the stay greater would be the risk of being exposed to diseases.

  • Age of traveler: Age also matters while giving vaccinations because vaccines given to an adult are entirely different as those given to a child.

  • Work during the stay: Either one is doing business work or is spending a lot of time on outdoor activities such as trekking, what work one is doing also matter during receiving of vaccinations.

  • Are you aid worker or in a medical setting: Travelers who are working in a refugee camp or are a doctor, they even need to get travel immunization from NYC, as they would be getting in contact with various people, who would be prone to various diseases and that might eventually cause them diseases.

Friday, March 22, 2013

What makes a Travel Clinic in NYC preferred choice over the usual medical facility?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ especially when it comes to medical field.

This is the reason why it is always preferred to visit a specialist for health problems rather than visiting a regular medical practitioner. Same is the case with travel vaccines. Why take a risk by going to a family doctor or a regular medical clinic when you can get in touch with the specialist at a place dedicated entirely towards the travel medications?

Well, if you are looking for reasons to visit a travel clinic in NYC, then the list can be a long. Below mentioned are some of the major reasons that will satisfy all your queries on the same topic discussed above –
  1. Expert Advice – one of the major reasons that prompt you to visit a travel clinic is the level of expertise that you can get at these facilities. The fact that professionals working here have the most updated knowledge about travel medications makes them a trusted choice for people looking to travel to some foreign place. With the expert advice of doctors working at such facilitates, you can be sure that you are safe from facing any infectious diseases while you are on your trip.

  2. Updated knowledge – another major reason here is that these clinics have the most updated knowledge about the disease outbreaks in foreign countries that you might be travelling, which you cannot get at regular clinics. Not only for the regular vaccinations, based on their updated information, the clinicians working here can provide you with the most effective prescriptions to minimize the risks of any potential health hazards during your trip abroad.

  3. Timely help – well, timely delivery is a critical factor when you talk about vaccines. The fact that most of the vaccines take time to develop to their full resistance potential after being inserted in the body, it becomes crucial to know when exactly you need to take the immunizations. By getting in touch with the professionals working at these travel clinics, you can eventually get to know about how much time in advance do you need to take these vaccinations and plan your trip accordingly. All this can be a difficult task for professionals working at the regular medical centers.

  4. All the above mentioned points clearly signify why you must visit a travel clinic for getting the medicine in NYC before going on a trip to a foreign country.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Packed for your incomplete holiday yet?

Yes, that’s what we all do, plan and pack for an incomplete holiday! Booking tickets for the ride and the hotels, checking about the weather conditions of your destination and packing clothes accordingly, packing ‘sun blocks’ and moisturisers, sneakers and rugged jeans, hats and funky jewellery, so that you have the best pictures there! And yes, don’t you dare forget the camera! But what when your trip is going to get ruined as soon as you land at your destination and your kid catches the flu? Or you are down with some ailment? Trip ruined? Why not plan the ‘complete’ trip beforehand then?

Travelling and health are related to each other. When you travel, you are exposed to a lot more extensive range of diseased organisms than when you are at your home or your office! This is what makes it essential for you to make sure that you get proper health checkup and preparation from a health clinic, especially for travelers!

When you walk into a proper travel clinic in NYC, the staff shall ask you to give them detailed information about your trip, the venue, the number of days you are planning to spend there and so on. After they derive this information, they shall research on the destination and find out if there are any prevalent diseases and ailments that are gripping a large number of people in that particular area at that point of time. If yes, then you and the rest of your travel companions can get adequate protection against those ailments.

This way you will not only be prepared to fight diseases, but shall also go on the trip with a tension-free mind and be able to enjoy to the fullest. After all holidays are supposed to the fun time for family bonding, over building sand castles on the beach or sightseeing at museums. Don’t let this bonding become a nightmare, located somewhere in a hospital! Make sure that you get yourself the right travel vaccines in NYC, which shall aid you to have a safe and healthy trip!

In case you think these travel clinics are costly and you are going to have to spend too much money on them, then you are wrong. They are totally affordable and you won’t need to think twice before getting this checkup done! So take the effective first step towards a happy holiday with your family or friends!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why appropriate vaccines must be taken before any foreign trip?

Before heading up for the trip there are many things, which are considered highly important in order to have a healthy and a safe trip. Besides making a note on what all things to carry there are few things, which are required to be done before the trip. And out of all are travel vaccinations.

However in order to get the travel immunizations in NYC or from anywhere around the globe, one needs to contact travel clinic, rather than running up for hospitals. This is because travel clinics are expertise in providing-up-to-date information about the diseases spread and vaccines, which are required to prevent from those diseases. Not only had this after getting vaccinated travelers are being provided with travel certificates, which are a proof of them being vaccinated. Certificates are must to be carried because without it custom duty persons at airport won’t allow one to travel in the particular country where the person is heading.

Further mentioned below are 7 vaccines, which are recommended by travel clinic doctor:

  • Flu: Also known as influenza, it is mostly found in North America. The traveler coming in contact with it might face certain symptoms like fever, headache, and cough. And if not taken certain precautions or vaccines then it might lead to death.
  • Hepatitis A: Due to contaminated water and food people come in contact with Hepatitis A. Mostly this is found in the areas of Indian subcontinent, South America, the Far East and Eastern Europe.
  • Yellow fever: It is the most serious illness that causes death. So, travelers who are heading towards West and Central Africa and in parts of Central and South America, they need to take this vaccination. Although this vaccine last for 10 years but still it is recommended to be taken before heading for the trip or even incase if one is passing-by high-risky countries.
  • Japanese Encephalitis: This disease is prominently found in the area of Southeast Asia and South Asia. After yellow fever this is also the most deadly disease, which causes a risk of death.

    Now after reading this article you must have got an idea about travel vaccines that are needed to be taken if you are residing in New York and heading up for the trip.

    Although, some people might think that they have already taken those vaccines during their previous trip, then what’s the use of taking those vaccinations again? So, I would like to tell them that each time one is going for a trip; one must take vaccines because there would be no side effects of it, rather it would be a booster for already taken vaccines.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why should you visit a travel clinic before flying abroad?

Before you pack your luggage to visit international or domestic locations, you may want to visit nearby travel clinic. Especially, if you are going to visit those areas where there are more risks of infections and certain serious diseases, it is important to ensure that you do not increase your chances of getting into risks of several kinds of threatening illnesses or diseases.

Moreover, many countries may ask a traveller to attach a copy of his/her certificate showing traveller has been vaccinated against several kinds of potential health risks. Therefore, whenever you are deciding to visit foreign areas or even areas within the same country, it is a good idea to make sure that your vaccinations are mentioned on a certificate, usually issued by a doctor or travel health clinic to traveller with a record. This certificate will not only help you to get permission to visit foreign areas but also help doctor treating you (if you fall sick or came in contact with other health issues during trip).

A travel clinic serves as one stop-solution for obtaining several kinds of NYC travel immunizations and disease information needed about the, domestic or overseas, areas to which you want to visit. These kinds of travel health offices offer pre-travel immunizations, special advice for traveller with certain health conditions or illnesses like pregnancy or communicable disease, and post-trip advice if visitor picked up any malicious bugs or infection during trip.

Unlike visiting your local physician, travel health offices functions in a different way and could be a batter choice for visitors as they keep track of various types of current vaccine information for visiting other areas of the world. Before prescribing necessary medications and vaccinations, travel health clinics take into consideration several things including the country or location within the same country you are planning to visit, when you are planning to travel (in which months of the year), time duration of your visit, where are you staying during whole trip, your age and health conditions, records of medications and treatments you are taking, and many other things.

However, if you have a current health condition, obtaining health practitioner’s advice will increase your health safety during whole journey. For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding Travel Shots New York will protect you and your unborn child from coming in contact with life-threatening infections and communicable diseases.

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