Monday, August 26, 2013

Why visiting a travel doctor is Important before planning holidaying abroad?

Whether you are going out of your country for pleasure or business purposes, it is important for you to make sure that you stay in good health so that you can travel safely. Today, certain health issues have become quite common these days when one travels. 

In case, you face any health issue in your own country, surely, it will be an easy procedure for you to get the right medication and treatment. But, what will you do in case you fall sick during your holiday in other than your native country? Surely, it will be a trouble for you.

No doubt, developed nations are equipped with advance medical techniques that ensure the best quality treatment to the patients. But, what will be your situation, if you have visited a country that does not offer quality medical services?

Surely, you will begin your search for a qualified doctor in that country but finding the doctor in the country that is new to you is the toughest task to do.
If you want to avoid such circumstances, then it would be a fair idea to fix your meeting with a travel doctor to know more about travel medicine in NYC.

Moreover, there are certain vaccinations specifically meant for people who are planning to go out from their country.  Once you get proper medication and immunization, you are no longer at a risk from suffering from a health issue on traveling abroad.

Most of the people are unaware of this fact that some countries ask for a proper certificate that shows that you have been immunized with certain vaccines. 

Travel doctors have adequate knowledge of the issues that are common in different parts of the world, providing each and every piece of information that can make your journey safe and happy. Moreover, they will also discuss with you the necessary details associated with your trip such as for how long you will be staying on a foreign land and the place at which you are planning to stay.

Moreover, the activities you are planning to take up have a major role to play. On discussing such information with travel expert, they will give you valuable tips that you can follow so as to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Apart from this, most of the people experience jet lag on crossing different times zones.  People experiencing jet lag feel irritated, fatigue and a change in the eating habits is commonly observed.

In such conditions, travel experts can give you some do’s and don’ts that must follow while traveling, making it easy for you to adjust yourself in time zone of that country.
So what are you waiting for? If you want to have a memorable vacation then fix your meeting with a travel doctor to get hold of significant information that will help you in staying healthy.
Travel medicine in NYC is proving beneficial for countless number of people who are planning to spend some good time with their families on a foreign land.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How travel vaccines add more to your wonderful trip?

It has been seen that many people visit international locations for their business or vocational tours. Because of the ease of travel, it is much easier to move across the globe. When planning trip to any foreign country, it is important for the traveller to be aware to important factors associated with the travel and health.
He/ she should have the information about current weather conditions, information regarding whether or not that area is open to infection carrying bacteria etc.
All this is required to protect your health from potential health issues. Before these risks become reality, it is important to visit the nearby travel clinic to calm all the potential health issues by taking right prescriptions and advises.
Some areas are prone to some special kind of infections or diseases and some infections are spread only in certain months of the year due to climate changes. The doctors at the travel clinic are well-versed to such factors related to your trip.
They are the professionals that provide you right travel vaccines in New York by evaluating you for various health factors and after knowing the important things related to foreign visit. They can examine your health conditions by conducting various tests. The doctors at the clinic may ask your numerous questions, such as your age, the area where you are going to travel, on what projects you are going to work during your visit, whether it is an urban or rural area, for what time you are going to stay over there, and lots of other things, so to come with the right prescription for your case.
The doctors at the travel clinic have complete knowledge of vaccinations that are compulsory for moving to different countries. Many countries have made it mandatory that visitors must have taken the right travel immunizations. The officials of the travel department check visitors’ certificate issued by the related travel clinic in order to make sure that the visitor has taken all the right medication. Otherwise, their request to enter that country can be restricted.
There are different types of vaccinations, such as rubella, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, pertussis, and BCG (Bacille-Calmette-Guerin), used to fight against different types of potential infections or life-threatening diseases.
Tetanus vaccinations may be given to a pregnant woman where the baby may take birth under unsterile circumstances. Pregnant ladies should avoid travelling in malarial areas as the infections can cause deformities in the baby to be born.
Certain immunizations, such as yellow fever vaccines when you are going to visit Africa and the Eastare, are regulatory requirements. Ensure that your medical practitioner has a certain experience to work in this field so to get the right vaccination for your trip.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reasons that make visiting travel clinic so important!

Worldwide number of travelers is increasing every year. According to the facts, the rate of travelers would reach up to 9 billion till the years 2025, which is now approximately 5 billion at present time.

With the increase rate of number of travelers, the risk of spreading diseases has also increased a lot. This is where the importance of travel vaccination becomes vitally important, especially when one is travelling to countries that are epidemic prone.

However, to get vaccination one needs to visit a travel clinic. Thinking why? Following are few points that would explain you this and also let you know the reasons that make the visit to travel clinic so important:

To get peace of mind: Be it a business or a family trip, you would always want to enjoy to the fullest. For this you need to be assured that you are safeguarded from the deadly diseases. Thus visiting a travel clinic is very important so as to have a peace of mind that you won’t get infected by any of the diseases. For example, if traveler is traveling to South Africa then he would be having a risk of getting in contact with yellow fever which is a deadly disease. Thus to protect oneself from the disease and to enjoy the trip with a great peace of mind it’s extremely important to visit a clinic.

Vaccinations: In order to prevent oneself from coming in contact with diseases like hepatitis A & B, European tick-borne encephalitis, typhoid, influenza, cholera, yellow fever, polio, Japanese encephalitis, and rabies it’s important to get travel immunizations from NYC or from anywhere else where one is residing.  However, to get vaccines one needs to visit travel clinic prior 4 to 6 weeks before the trip date, so that vaccines get affected into the body and before one reaches to the location one is immune from those diseases.

Travel certificate: To get entry in the country where one wants to visit, it’s important to carry a travel certificate along because the authorities at airport won’t allow the traveler to enter the country till the time he shows his travel vaccination certificate.

Advice: Besides just getting immunization, it’s also important to take advice of the doctor so that one can also safeguard themselves from other minor ailments (fever, cold, cough), as well. Doctor would provide prescription to the traveler that he or she can take during the trip.

From all the aforementioned points you must have got enough clear reasons of why it’s so important to visit a travel clinic before one embarks for the trip.

If you are thinking to go abroad then never miss out to get travel immunizations from NYC travel clinic.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Get immunized before you travel abroad

Travelling to a distant location, weather for work or leisure is exciting, enthralling and entertaining.
The most significant characteristic about a new and occasionally exotic place is change. We get lured by new places, new faces and new culture.
But change is not always good. Change can also be found also in the form of diseases and sicknesses that thrive in certain areas of the world.
What makes locally thriving diseases dangerous is the fact that our bodies and organs are virgin when it comes to dealing with them, and have no natural immunity to defend themselves against these potentially fatal diseases.
Diseases like Yellow fever, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are dangerous so if you are travelling abroad, it is bare essential for you to the get the appropriate vaccination before you board.
Travel vaccinations in NYC are available, but the trick is to find a reliable and affordable source that is battle tested and renowned for the quality and effectiveness of its vaccines.
The type of vaccine you should get depends on the disease that thrives in the area to where you are travelling to.
Refer to the following before you look for a source for getting immunized:
Hepatitis A: This is found in South America, Far East and South-East Asia. Apart from this, because it affects the liver, anyone who has a sensitive or chronically damaged liver can also get Hepatitis A vaccine.
Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is a more severe version of Hepatitis A and is found in the Middle East, Far East, South-East Asia, Southern Europe and Africa.
Polio: Polio affects the nervous system and can easily be obtained through contaminated food and water. Most of the developed world has rid itself of Polio. You should get a polio vaccine if you are travelling to Asia, Africa or the Eastern side of Europe.
Yellow fever: Yellow fever spreads via mosquito bites and is found in west and central Africa and Central and South America.
Meningitis: People travelling to the Saudi Arabia for hajj or Umrah pilgrimage should be cautious of Meningitis and get the appropriate vaccine to deal with the same. Meningitis is a highly communicable disease and can spread very easily and rapidly, so if you are travelling to a Meningitis prone area, take extra precaution.
Tetanus: Tetanus is found in Saudi Arabia and some African countries.
Apart from the above mentioned diseases, there are other diseases also. To avoid risks of acquiring diseases like typhoid, rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and others, do a thorough research and get immunized accordingly if you want to enjoy your trip abroad to its fullest.
Get Travel Vaccinations in NYC before going abroad if you want to avoid acquiring any potentially fatal diseases.