Monday, May 23, 2011

Required Vaccinations for Travel: Better Safe Than Sorry

Don't let the risk of catching various diseases, or effort required for getting the innumerable vaccinations for travel intimidate you from exploring different parts of the world. With a number of travel clinics with experienced travel doctors all over New York, getting immunization is no problem at all. But consult a doctor as soon as you finalise your travel plans, ideally, 2 months prior to travelling as some vaccinations for travel take quite long to be effective. Along with administering immunization shots, travel doctors also provide information about what medicines you need to carry and what precautions you need to take during your stay.

Yellow fever and malaria are two diseases that are transmitted through infected mosquitoes. So if you are travelling to parts of South America and any of sub-Saharan Africa, you need to get vaccinated against them. Yellow fever vaccination is administered in a single shot and its effect last 10 years. Malaria is both preventable and curable so don’t let a malaria attack spoil your trip. You can also opt for anti-malaria pills instead of a shot if you so desire but it’s important to keep safe from mosquitoes using other means as none of these methods is 100% effective.

Among other vaccinations for travel, meningococcal vaccination is worth a mention. It is vital if you plan to visit Saudi Arabia during the month long pilgrimage. You can also website of United States Centers of Disease Control to get any information you regarding the required vaccinations for travel. Some vaccinations can adversely affect pregnancies so it is important to inform your doctor about your medical history. An authorised travel clinic will also provide you necessary certification so that you can get the custom clearance without any problem.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips For Safe and Healthy Vacation Abroad

What could be more exciting with than a vacation overseas! It is fun to explore exotic locations and cuisines but it may also mean a greater threat to your health and well-being and fat chance of not finding adequate medical services. So as you carefully chalk out your itinerary, don’t forget to prepare your travel health plans to ensure a happy, healthy and safe excursion. Here are some helpful tips to guide you towards this end.

1. Start with finding a reputable travel clinic to update your immunization. Discuss your travel plans with travel doctors there along with your medical history. Don’t forget to mention any chronic medical condition that you have so that he may prescribe necessary travel medicine to you.

2. be wary of local water supplies when travelling, it may cause diseases in travellers but not in natives who are immune to infections present in it. Use bottled water to drink or brush your teeth. If bottled water is not available, use water which has been boiled for a minimum of 1 minute and cooled to room temperature.

3. Remove the skin from raw vegetables and fruits before eating and avoid purchasing food from street vendors. Stick to food that has been fully cooked.

4. To ensure that your vacation is not ruined by the anxiety of running out of necessary prescription medication, pack extra medication. Prepare yourself to face all eventualities by preparing a kit of travel medicines and carry it in your handbag.

5. Include an anti-diarrheal medication, a mild laxative, decongestant and antihistamine, anti-fungal creams, band aids, moleskin for blisters and antibiotic cream in your first aid kit of travel medicine. Don’t forget to pack throat lozenges and preferred pain killer as well.

6. Pack sunscreen and insect repellent that has DEET in a 20-50% concentration. Put on your sunscreen before spraying the repellent on your body and clothing. Wear long sleeves and pants at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes that transmit malaria are more active.

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