Friday, April 22, 2011

Choose The Right Travel Clinic for Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever is not something most people would give a thought until they plan to travel internationally. It is a type of viral fever which is transmitted by a particular kind of mosquitoes that are found in South America and Africa. Since avoiding mosquito bite is not always possible while travelling through areas that are infested with these vermin, vaccination against Yellow fever is made mandatory for travellers. This vaccination is both safe and successful and easily available at your local travel clinic.

Yellow Fever Vaccination is a Legal Obligation

While passing through or travelling to a particular country that is majorly affected by yellow fever, you are under legal obligation for vaccination. To fulfil this obligation, you need to keep record of all your travel shots. This International Certificate of Vaccination is required at entry and exit points of many countries and if you fail to produce it, you can be barred from entering there. Not only should you get vaccination for yellow fever but also get other mandatory immunization shots from a reputable travel clinic which can also provide you with valid International Certificate of Vaccination.

It is best to visit a good travel clinic as soon as you have finalized your travel plans. Ideally you should see a doctor at least 2 months prior to travelling. Keeping your itinerary in mind, a travel doctor will suggest you immunization shots that may or may not include yellow fever vaccine. He will also suggest and prescribe medicines you should carry after studying your medical history and health problems you can possibly face in that country. Unless you have received yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before entering a country that requires you to have it, quarantine action will follow which can jeopardise your plans.
Things to remember:
* Yellow fever can be deadly.
* Yellow fever vaccine is completely safe and remains effective for 10 years.
* Besides taking vaccination, you should protect yourself against mosquito bites.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where to Get Right Advice on Travel Immunization

Foreign travel is a great way to know about other cultures, explore new places, try different cuisines, learn many new languages and make friends all over the world. But to make your overseas travel enjoyable you need to take some essential precaution so that you enjoy your trip thoroughly and look forward to the next one. These precautions are vital because when you travel to a different country you may come across various diseases and infections that are not found in your own country. To protect yourself from these, enjoy your time and avoid carrying that disease to your country you need to take certain vaccinations.

Not only this but there are some travel advisories issued by certain countries which make it mandatory for you to get yourself immunized for certain diseases. Not only this, you need to carry a certificate with you issued by a travel clinic that certifies that you have got travel shots that are mandatory for travelling to a particular country. For this you need to find a good travel clinic that has experience in administering travel vaccination and can also advice on the necessary precautions that one has to take while travelling to a different country or continent.

A good travel clinic has seasoned doctors who can give you a thorough examination and tell you what all things are needed to be taken care of during your stay in other country. They advice and educate you on vaccination, medication, various diseases prevailing in the country you intend to travel and tell you how to prepare a first aid kit which should carry anti-allergy, anti-diarrheal medications, anti-fungal creams, band aids, and antibiotics. They also advice on travel insurance you need to take so that in case of a mishap you have sufficient cover.

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