Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Visit to Travel Clinic Should Figure At Top of Your Backpackers Checklist

Nothing could be more exciting than to go on a backpacking adventure in a foreign country either solo or in the company of friends. The months leading to trip are filled with enthusiasm as well as apprehension. Backpacking is a serious business where you just can’t go unprepared. While you are not likely to forget to pack your clothes, shoes, passport and camera, there are many such things that you should certainly not be caught without. In fact, having a checklist will help you in getting more organised and saving your time in the long run. It is also a good way to avoid last minute hassles and anxiety.

First of all check out the travel alerts for the countries that you are planning to visit. The best way to do so is to search online. Increased terrorist activities or natural calamities can make a particular country hostile for tourists. So, make sure that you are not caught on the wrong foot.

Second but even more important than travel alerts is to visit a reputable travel clinic in your city. For international travel, certain vaccination is mandatory. And depending on the countries you intend to travel, doctors from travel clinic would suggest some more travel shots. You need to remember that these shots not only keep you safe from illness but without the documentary proof of these travel shots you cannot enter certain countries. Travel clinics with certified doctors only can provide vaccination certification needed to clear the customs without any hassle. Turned away at the boarders is not a very pleasant experience.

Besides vaccination, doctors at travel clinic will also advice you what medicines you need to carry and what precautions you need to take while travelling in a particular region. Another thing that you need to put on your checklist is buying travel insurance. It is really surprising that so few backpackers take travel insurance considering how beneficial it can be for them.

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