Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Significance and Benefits of Travel Vaccines

Are you planning to go on a vacation with your family? Well, there are many preparations you need to do in advance. For example, if you are going to a country you have never visited before, then it is very necessary for you to gather maximum information about its prevailing weather conditions, accommodation facilities and tourist attractions.

When traveling to a foreign land, there is a possibility that you may encounter any health issue that you have not faced in your own country. However, it is quite apparent that if such thing happens, you will look for proper medication and treatment.

But, wouldn’t it be better, if you take precautions before traveling to any other country. Taking proper measures in advance will give you an exciting opportunity to spend some good time with your family members without any trouble.

Now, the question is what type of measures should be taken to avoid any illness in a country that is new to you. The answer to this question is very simple. You are just required to enhance knowledge about travel vaccines available in the market.

If you step out from your house, you will come across numerous clinics offering travel medication and immunizations.

You can have a look at some valuable tips having ability to provide you a happy and safe holiday.

1. Visit a Travel Clinic

These types of clinics aims at providing the best possible assistance to the individuals who are looking forward for a trip in a foreign country so that they can enjoy in the best possible manner. The professionals at these clinics provide valuable guidance after taking into account the place you are visiting, climatic conditions of the place, your length of stay and the activities you have planned to carry out during your holiday!

Now, enhance your knowledge about services offered by these clinics.

  • Discussing necessary details of the trip
  • Recommending different immunizations
  • Providing prescriptions
  • Using current database describing details about travel diseases

2. Knowing About Immunizations You Need

If you have any previous medical history, then you must not go out from your country without immunizations. Depending upon your health conditions, take a proper advice from the travel doctor so as to avoid illnesses during vacation.

Apart from this, make sure that you have been immunized with basic vaccines like polio and tetanus.

Many nations ask for International Certification of Vaccination before giving an entry to a foreigner in their countries. So, make use of reliable sources to grab useful information about the country you are planning to visit and the type of immunizations required to get an easy entry.

Don't think much and just fix your appointment with experts at travel clinic so as to have maximum fun and enjoyment during your holiday.

Enjoy your trip to the fullest and fly safely to a foreign land by getting yourself immunized with travel vaccines.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why administration of travel vaccines is necessary?

One of the most common problems that many global travelers facing is how to deal with several types of illnesses, viruses, or other health emergencies in a foreign land. Even small illness can lead an individual to life-threatening issues, lost opportunities, unexpected cost, and an inability to complete your assigned tasks or other activities.

The thing that is important for travelers is to consider right preventive measures to assure a safe and memorable trip. Potential illnesses and viral diseases can be avoided with effective and safe immunizations and a clear understanding of getting travel vaccines.

A visit to the travel clinic helps guarantee that your trip will be remembered for all the health and pleasure reasons. When visiting foreign nations, people must visit their travel physicians because they can guide you in a better way regarding what kind of vaccination you need before travelling.

There are different types of travel vaccinations available in New York City, each of have their own use and benefits to provide a person with healthy and pleasant journey. Depending upon various factors, like the age of the traveler, current health conditions, country to visit, time you spend in the foreign nation, and others, physicians will administer vaccines accordingly.

Many health professionals believe that people who are frequently travel one country or another should include travel vaccines such as mumps, rubella, and tetanus in their list of travel itinerary.  Of the list of available immunizations, yellow fever shot is one that is needed by international health regulations. In countries like South America and Africa, it is necessary for the travelers to take this vaccine where there are more chances to expose to yellow fever. Which is a viral disease and there is no cure, and can be life threatening.

Apart from this, there are three other travel vaccines such as tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis that are recommended by the World Health Organization. Tetanus is kinds of bacterial infection that spreads in wounds and subsequently, affects the bodily nervous system. Diphtheria is a also a bacterial disease that commonly found in respiratory system. Pertussis, also known as whopping cough, is a communicable bacterial infection that commonly found in respiratory system. In some countries, such as USA, travelers are administered a combination of vaccinations that guarantee protection against all such diseases and infections.

Some immunizations are recommended only when visiting certain regions or countries. For instance, all travelers of Mexico should be immunized to prevent the effects of typhoid fever, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Travel vaccinations centers are there in almost all the major cities, Miami, New York City or any other city for that matter. So, the next time you plan a trip; don’t forget to visit a travel clinic! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Travel vaccination- A guide for travelers!

Are you planning to travel remote locations? If yes then you need to know certain facts related to travel vaccines. In the below segment of this write up you will certainly get to know about it and its working.

Originated from the word ‘vacca’ which means cow was invented by Edward Jenner in 1796. Since then its impact has grown a lot worldwide. Be it a new born baby traveler or accidental person; all require getting vaccination safeguard themselves from diseases.

Coming back on the point if you are going abroad then you must be aware of the travel vaccine facts. Let’s have a look at the factors on which recommendation of vaccines depend-

  • Which country you are visiting' is that part disease  prone
  • In area you would be staying (rural urban developed)
  • Time and season of travelling (winter, summers, rainy)
  • Type of work traveler would be  doing
  • How long is the stay of traveler
  • Health and age of traveler

When to visit a clinic: To get travel vaccinations in New York city or elsewhere and advice before heading for the trip its must to visit  travel clinic at least one month prior to the trip. This is necessary because vaccines take time to get active in human body.

Working of travel vaccinations: Two types of immunity is provided by vaccines:
  • Active Immunity
  • Passive Immunity

Active Immunity: It helps in ensuring that the body is protected from the diseases. Sufficient supply of antibody is given that makes the immune system of the body defensive against antibodies and also helps in destroying the current disease. Its effect in the human body will last for a long time. Therefore traveler need not have to worry during their second trip on the same place.
Vaccination working principle also replies on the fact that it does take time but has long lasting effects. Following are three vaccines that work on this same principal:

  • Live attenuated vaccine
  • Inactivated vaccine
  • Detoxified exotoxins

Passive immunity: In this antibodies are transferred which are obtained from an immune individual. It helps in providing immediate protection from the disease.

Although, it do not have a long lasting effect as active immunity has, but it straight away perform action in the human body to defend the infection.

For example: Hepatitis A immunoglobulin vaccine is passive immunity which acts immediately in the human body but has its effect only up till three months.
Therefore, before traveling to any remote locations make sure that you are vaccinated and not to forget to take travel certificate along with you (as custom duty people at airport won’t allow you to enter the country by the time you don’t show travel certificate).

Get complete travel health information vaccinations ‘diseases' risk and prevention information from travel clinic in New York city.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What vaccines are required to be taken before travelling to Africa?

Before heading for a trip, immunization is must to be taken in order to have a safe trip. And when it comes to trip to Africa, it’s vital to get yellow fever vaccination. Along with it, various other vaccines are also required to be taken which would lessen the chances of traveler getting in contact with serious diseases.

Let’s have a look at the important aspects that must to be considered prior to the trip of Africa:

Routine vaccinations

These are shots that are must to be taken by each individual, even if not planning for a trip to abroad. Some of the routine vaccines are: diphtheria, chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella pertussis, tetanus and influenza.

Recommended vaccines

Along with routine vaccines, recommend vaccines are also must to be taken. This comprise of polio, rabies, typhoid, meningitis and hepatitis A vaccinations. Out of all, hepatitis A and B is mostly recommended because Africa is high risky continent for this disease.

Yellow fever shot

Yellow fever is a deadly disease which is most commonly found in the regions of Africa and South America. It is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito when comes in contact with person. Person getting infected with it would have to face fever and flu symptoms, liver, kidney failure, jaundice, bleeding and death.

In order to prevent from this yellow fever shots are must to be taken prior to the trip. It helps in weakening the virus and safeguards the traveler form the disease. Usually, single shot is provided to the traveler, but people who stay in Africa and South America they are given booster vaccinations every 10 years.
Candidates who can get this vaccination

People living in and visiting to Africa

Infants of 9 months of age and people up to 59 years of age can get this vaccine.

Pregnant ladies are not recommended for this vaccine.

People suffering from life threatening condition.

From where to get immunized

In order to get yellow fever vaccine, traveler needs to visit a travel vaccination center at least four to six weeks prior to the trip, so that vaccines get effective in the body immediately before entering the country.

Together with vaccines, doctor would also prescribe certain medications that a traveler needs to carry along with him or her, in order to be safe from minor illnesses like fever, cough, pains etc.

After vaccination process is completed, doctor would provide travel certificate which traveler needs to carry during his trip because without it custom duty persons at airport won’t allow travelers to enter Africa.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On what factors travel vaccinations depend?

Be it a zeal to explore tourism, going on exotic place with loved ones or for a business trip; reason could be any! But what comes into notice is that so many people across the globe are travelling from one country to another which has increased the chances of health risks. This is because people when travelling to high risky areas they are prone to get in contact with deadly diseases.

Therefore, due to increased risk of health it’s recommended to visit a travel clinic in order to get travel vaccinations that would safeguard the traveler from deadly diseases prevalent in NYC, Australia, Europe, Asia and other countries. However, receiving of vaccinations is dependent on few factors, to name a few are:

Geographical location: This is the foremost factor that decides which vaccine traveler would get. As different locations would have different types of diseases prevalent in that area, thus according to that traveler is vaccinated. For example, if one is visiting sub-Saharan and South Africa, where yellow fever is very commonly found that lead to one's death, it’s necessary one must get vaccinated before heading for the trip.

Moreover, it is more common to found in travelers because people coming from outside have higher chances of catching those diseases, as compared to the people staying in that area. Therefore, this is why travelers are said to get themselves vaccinated before their trip.

Duration of stay: Another factor that decides whether the traveler needs vaccine or not is how long they have to stay their? Although, it’s compulsory to get vaccines according to the government rules and regulations because if not done traveler won't be allowed to enter into the country, but there are times when traveler won't be vaccinated because they might already been vaccinated earlier during their past trip.

Booster vaccines: Trip to abroad very common nowadays amongst people thus this is the reason why people already have attained those vaccines which they would be getting again during their next visit. In technical termed as booster vaccines. This is giving of vaccination to the traveler twice when already he or she had received it during their previous visit to clinic. Therefore, after examining you (are you immune with that particular vaccine or not) travel clinic doctor would give you booster vaccine.

So, if you have trip on your cards then always make a note to get travel immunization from NYC travel clinic, so that you can enjoy to your fullest without worrying about your health.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some important information to gather before traveling!

Recent reports have proved that millions of people travel abroad; either to enjoy with their loved ones or they have a business trip or any other reason for the same. With the increase number of travelers, there has been increased risk of health issues.

So, if you are planning a trip to abroad or heading for a trip, there is some essential information about which you should be aware of. Let’s have a look:

Diseases prevalent in the country travelling: The foremost thing, about which you should be aware of, is the diseases prevalent in the countries you are travelling. For instance, if you are visiting to sub - Saharan Africa and tropical South America, you must be aware that yellow fever is commonly found and widespread disease there. Subsequently, this would help you, when you would be having consultation with the doctor (as if he forgets to tell you something then you would already be knowing about that)

Travel vaccinations for different age group: Be it NYC, Miami, or any other city worldwide; there are times, when diseases affect only particular age group people. In regard to this vaccines would be given to those travelers only who have risk of getting in contact with the deadly diseases.

Past vaccines: Before starting with the vaccination procedure, it's important for a traveler to tell about his or her past vaccines to the doctor. This would give an idea whether the traveler requires boost vaccination or not.

Revaccination: Many people visit abroad regularly and they need to get re-vaccination in order to safeguard oneself from the diseases.

Medical travel kit: Besides providing vaccines, another important thing that a traveler needs to be equipped with is the travel medicines from NYC. This would help in keeping the traveler safe from various other minor illnesses.

After having a glance on all the above aspects, you must have got an idea about what all things are needed to be kept in mind before traveling. So, you should visit a travel clinic, at least one month before your traveling date. The reason behind it is that vaccines do take time to show their effect in the human body.
Moreover, travel clinic doctor would provide certificate of one being vaccinated. This is mandatory to carry during the trip because many countries like America, Africa do not allow the traveler to enter, till the time he or she has shown that they have received vaccination.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visit a travel clinic to stay happy while traveling abroad

Everybody loves the idea of travelling across the globe. It gives an opportunity to broaden your horizons and to know varied cultures and customs all across the world. That is why; we try to put every effort to make our journey a success and a memorable affair.

However, all the planning and enjoyment can be put on a halt if your body is not prepared and immunized enough to fight against the potential medical issues, traveler s often face on a foreign land. Not many people are aware of the fact that a person non-native to a country is prone to some diseases which may be more common in that particular country. For instance, in African countries, an outsider would carry more chances of catching yellow fever.

In order to safeguard against these health hazards and to enjoy a safe and happy journey, we have clinics in our cities. These clinics are meant to provide you required travel vaccination and immunization against the particular disease prevalent in the country you are about to travel. In a city like NYC, finding out a good travel clinic is not difficult at all.

The specialists at the clinics have complete knowledge of what medication would be necessary for you, depending on the respective country. Therefore, one of the major things you should always ensure before packing your bag and beginning the journey is to make sure that your are physically prepared to fight the disease on the foreign land you will be visiting soon. Visiting a travel clinic should be the top most priority on the list of plans on your travel itinerary.

It is natural for a person to get mixed in the rituals of place alien to him, as an idea of fun. But what we often forget is that some types of foods and activities can make us fall sick. Upon visiting one such clinic, the doctor would provide full fledged knowledge about how to stay happy by avoiding all those things that may be hazardous for your health.

Some people have high altitude sickness due to variations in the air pressure of the surrounding areas. Other people face issues while travelling in a jet. All such medical issues are taken care of at travel clinics, by administering the required treatments and medications. A travel clinic, apart from just providing medicine and vaccinations, would also make you aware of what activities, things and food to avoid while you are out of the country. A place like NYC is a home of some of the best travel clinics one can visit.