Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Take a look at the factsheet related to travel vaccines!

Every country has risk of diseases and to be safe from those it’s quite important for a traveler to get vaccination. For this one needs to talk to their travel medicine professional, who would provide them guidance for vaccines according to the trip location, date and activity.

However, one needs consult the doctor prior two or three month to the trip date, so that he can completely administer you and then start with the process of vaccines. Another important reason for this is that enough time is required because vaccination takes time to get affected in the body and produce enough antibodies that will protect the person from the diseases. Moreover, to complete the course and for any booster doses doctor needs ample time for the same.

Following are the travel vaccines that are given to the traveler based on the location he or she is visiting:

Tetanus: Usually, this vaccine is given at the age of 15 and 17 years and again at the age of 50 years. However, people who are travelling to country like Australia they need to take this vaccine for sure because it is a high risky area. Moreover, travelers who would be on outdoor activities like work with animals, jungle expeditions or so, they must take tetanus vaccination.

Hepatitis A: Travelers who are travelling to areas of Indian subcontinent, the Far East, South America and Eastern Europe they are at greater risk of getting Hepatitis A. This infection is contagious that is caused due to liver disease.

Typhoid: Commonly found in countries like South Asia, parts of south East Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Africa, it is a disease which is caused due to bacteria called Salmonella typhi when any person consumes contaminated food, milk and water.

Japanese encephalitis: Commonly seen in areas of Asia such as the Philippines, Korea, China, Nepal and India, it is an infection that is caused due to bite of mosquito. However, risk would be more at times when one visits during monsoons. Additionally, various outdoor activities are also the cause of Japanese encephalitis.

Yellow fever: Likewise Japanese encephalitis is caused to mosquito bite, similarly yellow fever is contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Thus travelers who are travelling to endemic countries like Africa and South America, they would be prone to these diseases more.

Rabies: It is a life threating infection, which is caused due to bite of mosquito or due to scratch of an infected animal like cat, dog, fox etc. Mostly this disease is prevalent in developing countries and thus people who are planning to go on adventure trips mostly they are advisable to take this vaccine.

If you have trip on your cards to any of the countries like Asia, Africa, America or developing countries, you must make sure to take travel vaccines.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Before you travel, get immunized!

Traveling is great! Seeing a new place with new people can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Travelling is your gateway to experiencing new cultures, eating worldwide cuisines and seeing new monuments and holiday spots.

You may even have to travel in the context of your work or business. Meeting overseas clients and partners is important for you profession, and there’s no telling which country your work might take you to.

But there is more to just booking your air ticket, packing your suitcase and bidding goodbye to your folks! Have you taken under consideration, the possibility of acquiring a disease that thrives locally in the area that you are visiting?

Now because the local people have been living there, under the sort of conditions for a long time, their bodies naturally develop immunity against the disease but that may not be the case for you.

Diseases such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies, Polio and several others are found in different parts of the world. They are very contagious and just as dangerous. So, if you are travelling to a certain destination for the first time, you ought to visit a specialized clinic that carries vaccines to provide immunity against specific diseases.

Keep these things in mind before you have made a decision on where you are getting your travel immunizations from:

Tell the in-house doctor, exactly where you are travelling, not just the continent or the country but even the local area inside the country, as the geographically, a certain type of disease may exist in only a small part of the country and a different part of the country may be infected with another disease. A clinic with a good faculty will provide you with exactly what you need as per your travel plans.

Make sure that the clinic has an experienced faculty and provides you with the right dosage and type of vaccine according to your age, gender, medical history, built etc.

Tell the doctor about your medical history and whatever medicines you are taking at the time of your travel to avoid any chance of a cross-reaction or an allergic reaction.

Choose a clinic that provides you with the immunization that you require at an affordable price. Travelling can be expensive, and taking a good part of your budget out just on the pre prep may not be something you are willing to do, so make sure that you are not being ripped off and choose a cost effective clinic to get your immunization from.

And finally, make sure that the clinic has a good reputation and a history of happy and satisfied clientele.

Get your travel immunizations from a good source to make sure that you have a happy and safe journey.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Complete information about travel clinics!

Visiting to tropical locations means that one would come in contact with many infectious diseases. Therefore, it’s vital to visit a travel clinic, in order to ensure that you are protected from those diseases.

However, some people still may not have any idea about them, probably they haven’t visited these clinics and at times when needed to get travel vaccinations they use to go to hospital.

But visiting hospitals for getting vaccines is not a good option, when travel clinics are there. For those who do not have any idea about them, this article would give you a clear idea about them. Let’s have a look on the complete guide over travel clinic:

When to look for travel clinic:

Be it your business trip or family holiday, it’s essential to get vaccination, so as to protect yourself and your loved ones from the diseases you might encounter while your trip.

A traveler needs to visit the clinic prior 8 weeks before their trip date because of the fact that it takes time to get affected in the body. Therefore, visiting just one day before the trip date would be a mistake on one’s part. Hence, a traveler must never miss out of visiting a travel clinic that too prior to the trip.

What does travel clinic in New York City or elsewhere offer:

The basic thing that these clinics offers is vaccinations that helps to protect the traveler from wide range of diseases such as rabies, polio, hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and tetanus etc.

However, before providing you vaccines, doctor would ask you various questions like country you are visiting, in what season you are going, duration of your stay, location of the place, activities you are likely to get involved in and lastly your personal medical history.

Additional services offered by travel clinic:

Besides providing vaccines, doctor would also prescribe the traveler some medications that would help him or her protect from the minor illnesses like fever, cough, cold and infection etc. After providing vaccines, doctor would provide travel certificate that would act as a proof of a traveler being vaccinated. Moreover, it is essential to carry along while travelling, as airport authority won’t allow travelers to enter the country till the time they don’t show the certificate.

After looking over the complete guide of travel clinic, people who didn’t had any idea about these clinics must have definitely got a clear viewpoint about them. So, next time, when you plan to go abroad make sure to visit a travel clinic other than visiting a hospital. Besides getting vaccinations, your ample time would also be saved and hence you would be saved from the hassles that you usually had to face in hospitals because of the rush of patients.

No matter where you are travelling, it’s must to visit travel clinic in New York City or anywhere, according to your residing place.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel Immunizations: Why they are Important?

If you are one of the individuals who love to visit foreign countries, it is very important for you to have good health so that you can enjoy to the fullest. There is a possibility that you might fall sick on visiting a particular country.

What will you do in such conditions? Surely, you will prefer to visit a qualified doctor to get yourself treated in the best possible manner. But, the situation will become worse, in case you have visited a country not having adequate medical facilities.

It is quite apparent that nobody wants to fall sick especially when they are on a vacation. If you have taken precautions in advance, then you need not to worry about your health on visiting a foreign land. Now, the question is what type of precautions or measures need to be taken to avoid illness on visiting a country that is totally new to you?

It would be a fair idea to plan your visit to a travel clinic before you move to any other country.  These types of clinics are specifically meant for individuals who need to go out from their country for several reasons.

You are required to fix your appointment with a travel doctor to get the best travel advices. Moreover, they will make you aware about the type of illnesses and diseases that are common in different nations. It is imperative to know about several travel immunizations NYC to prevent those illnesses.

There are different services you can avail at the travel clinic. You can have look at the most important services mentioned below:

1. Recommending and providing travel prescriptions and vaccines.
2. Discussion on the details of the trip. For example, where you will stay, what type of activities you are planning to carry out and duration of your trip.
3. Once you have been immunized, the travel clinic will provide you International Certificate of Vaccination that you need to show to get an easy entry in a foreign country.

Apart from this, it is very essential for you to tell your previous medical history to the travel doctor.  If you are suffering from any health condition, then make sure that you have taken all the measures to stay healthy in any other country.

On visiting a travel doctor, he or she will provide you valuable guidance about the medication and immunization that is best for you.  Furthermore, you must be immunized with basic vaccinations meant to prevent diseases like tetanus, polio, influenza and yellow fever.

No matter, whether you are traveling for a business meeting or vacation, once you have been immunized, you will have peace of mind that you can travel safely to a new place.

So, do not think much in availing services of a travel doctor so as to have maximum fun and enjoyment during your trip.

Get to know more about travel immunizations NYC from an expert travel doctor so as to take adequate measures in advance to prevent illness, when you are out from your country.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Take travel clinics for a healthy, stress free and enjoyable journey

Regardless of the reason, why people travel abroad, be it for pleasure or for business purpose, a lot of things needs to be managed days before one could actually begin his or her journey. It means, deciding the budget, packing up stuff and everything related to traveling. But one important consideration to be kept in mind is to get your health ensured against the prevalent disease in your destination place.

What most of the people are not aware of is that every country has certain type of disease that is more common in that particular area. So upon visiting any foreign land, people are more vulnerable to catch those sicknesses. So what is the solution to this thing? The answer is visiting a travel clinic.

What is a travel clinic? It is a medical facility, where you can get in touch in professional doctors who would provide you required vaccinations according to country you are going to visit. For instance, yellow fever is more common in African countries. So according to your tour plan, you doctor will administer required medication as well vaccinations to safeguard your health, while you will be on a foreign land.

Different people suffer from different types of problem on a different location. For instance, some people have motion sickness on hilly areas, while some have problem associated with jet lag. Jet lag is a medical condition in which a person experiences disorientation during a long flight, due to crossing multiple time zones. Body’s internal clock is affected which disrupts the sleeping pattern, body temperature and eating schedule. But by getting proper travel vaccines beforehand, weather you live in NYC or any other city, one can enjoy a comfortable journey without facing any such health issues during flight.

Similarly people with low immunity are more prone to fall prey to any type of disease on an outside country since our bodies are not naturally prepared to fight those illnesses. That is why; visiting a travel clinic should be our first priority on the list of our travel plans.

The doctors at these clinics are well aware of the environment conditions of the country you are going to visit, and administer necessary medications and vaccinations accordingly. They also inform people about necessary safety precautions to be ensured while you are out of your countries to keep you safe from catching diseases. Following the guidelines prescribed by the doctors at a travel clinic, you can enjoy a safety and healthy journey.

The best time to visit one such clinic is around six weeks before your planned trip. The reason is that such vaccinations need to be taken well before in advance to make them more effective.
If you are looking for travel vaccines in a city like NYC, then you can visit online to choose a travel clinic in your vicinity. Make it a point, not to forget visiting such clinic before you start off your journey.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is travel vaccination really necessary before travelling?

Are you about to make a trip to a foreign country? Then you run under the risk of being come in contact with diseases and serious infections against which you have little or no resistance. Many infectious diseases or illnesses can be prevented through the administration of right vaccination or taking other preventative measures. 

Travel vaccinations NYC strengthens immune system of the person (who received it) so that their bodies can fight against serious infectious and diseases. The answer to the good question, “when to vaccinate?” is that some immunizations only provide protection if the person receive them a certain period before leaving for the journey. The administration of the right immunization largely depends upon the age of the person, type of the vaccination, the current health conditions of the patient, which other preventive medicines or vaccines the person have already had, and lots of other factors that we will discuss later in this document.

No one enjoys needles! But, you may have heard this expression, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth”. Therefore, to keep you healthy and protected under varying living environments, vaccinations for travel are really necessary.

Many people believe that why to get travel medicines while they are capable of take care of their self? The problem is that even if you do all necessary things correct such as avoid drinking local water or having eatable from roadside shops; do you think that local food points prepare food or wash dishes in bottled watered? A single drop of water on a wet plate could invite many viruses such as hepatitis. Therefore, getting vaccinated keep you away from such worries and allow you to enjoy your whole journey free from tensions of what to eat or what to not.

Some countries ask for the proof of a particular travel immunization such as hepatitis or yellow fever, before providing visa to the person. This is especially true in the regions of Africa and South America.

To get travel immunization in NYC, you may have to visit your local travel clinic. Finally, do not be depressed after knowing about several types of potential problems during journey. Chances are that you will feel healthier and active after receiving vaccines. Bottom-line, survival is a subject to do it smart and not taking threatening risks and stupid chances with the memorable journey of a lifetime.