Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Travel immunization for a healthy, stress free journey

Everybody loves the idea of travelling across the globe. It gives an opportunity to broaden your horizons and to know varied cultures and customs all across the world. That is why; we try to put every effort to make our journey a success and a memorable affair.

However, all the planning and enjoyment can be put on a halt if your body is not prepared and immunized enough to fight against the potential medical issues, traveler s often face on a foreign land. Not many people are aware of the fact that a person non-native to a country is prone to some diseases which may be more common in that particular country. For instance, in African countries, an outsider would carry more chances of catching yellow fever.

In order to safeguard against these health hazards and to enjoy a safe and happy journey, we have clinics in our cities. These clinics are meant to provide you required travel vaccination and immunization against the particular disease prevalent in the country you are about to travel. In a city like NYC, finding out a good travel clinic is not difficult at all.

The specialists at the clinics have complete knowledge of what medication would be necessary for you, depending on the respective country. Therefore, one of the major things you should always ensure before packing your bag and beginning the journey is to make sure that your are physically prepared to fight the disease on the foreign land you will be visiting soon. Visiting a travel clinic should be the top most priority on the list of plans on your travel itinerary.

It is natural for a person to get mixed in the rituals of place alien to him, as an idea of fun. But what we often forget is that some types of foods and activities can make us fall sick. Upon visiting one such clinic, the doctor would provide full fledged knowledge about how to stay happy by avoiding all those things that may be hazardous for your health.

Some people have high altitude sickness due to variations in the air pressure of the surrounding areas. Other people face issues while travelling in a jet. All such medical issues are taken care of at travel clinics, by administering the required treatments and medications. A travel clinic, apart from just providing medicine and vaccinations, would also make you aware of what activities, things and food to avoid while you are out of the country. A place like NYC is a home of some of the best travel clinics one can visit.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Points you must discuss during travel consultation!

From chock full medical facilities available in the city, visiting a travel clinic makes more sense, when planning to fly abroad. The most prominent reason behind that is the fact that they are expertise in providing necessary travel vaccinations.

Where on one hand travel clinic in NYC or anywhere else, would provide you all vital information about the diseases prevalent in the high risky areas, on the other hand it’s of prior importance that a traveler needs to tell all important things, during the consultation with the doctor of travel clinic.

Mentioned below are the important aspects that are needed to be discussed during the consultation:

  • Tell your travel location: The foremost thing to be discussed is the travel location. According to it, the specialist would prescribe the medications and vaccinations that are prior to be taken before heading up for the trip. For instance, if you are visiting to tropical South America, where yellow fever is prominently found, it’s must that you get yellow fever vaccination before going there.
  • Trip date: Another important aspect needed to be discussed is the trip date. This is essentially important for a doctor to know, as according to that he or she would plan your schedule of vaccines. In fact, for the effectiveness of the vaccines in human body, it is important that traveler get the vaccination prior to the trip date.
  • Duration of stay: Likewise trip date is needed to be told, duration of stay is also must to be discussed. This is because sometimes after being vaccinated also there are some illnesses which might come in contact with the traveler. So in regard to that doctor would additionally provide some medications that would help traveler safeguard from the other minor illnesses, as well.
  • Past immunization records: Before getting travel immunization in NYC, Miami, or any other city for that matter, it’s must that you discuss about your past immunization with your travel clinic doctor. On the basis of that he or she would decide that whether you require a booster vaccination or not.
  • Planned activities: Aside above things there is another important thing that is to be told is activities you would be indulged in during the trip. For example, if you are on a social trip, where you have to wander here and there helping poor people. There are chances that you would come in contact with various health issues and diseases. Thus to protect oneself from them it’s important that you tell your doctor about the planned activities, so that he or she can take certain measures according to that.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Travel medicines for travelers visiting Switzerland!

Are you heading for your honeymoon to Switzerland? If yes, then you surely must be very excited about it and must have made many preparations beforehand.

But are you done with your travel vaccinations? If no, then you must right away visit travel clinic. These are medical facilities in New York and around the globe that are specialized in providing travel immunization to travelers. So, if you are residing in NYC and have a trip to Switzerland then you must visit this clinic. Ideally, one must visit four-six weeks before the trip as vaccines take time to get affected in human body.

However, some people still prefer visiting to hospital for travel vaccines, which is surely time-consuming. Where on one hand, one would be waiting in long queues for their turn in hospital (because of the rush) vice-versa, a person visiting travel clinic would be able to complete all the formalities very quickly.
Moreover, the travel guidance which traveler would get from such clinics cannot be expected from hospitals. Mentioned below are the details of vaccines provided to travelers visiting Switzerland:

Hepatitis A: Due to contaminated water and food in Switzerland, there are chances to get Hepatitis A. So, to be on a safe side one must get this vaccine before heading up for the trip.

Hepatitis B: This disease is usually caused due to contaminated needles, tattoo, piercing and use of other blood products. While a visit to Switzerland, a traveler may have to face any one of them. Thus to safeguard one's life its must they get Hepatitis B vaccine.

Rabies: Bats are very commonly found in Switzerland which becomes a reason for spreading of rabies to people living there and to traveler’s visiting there. However, rabies are commonly found in dogs but there they are not as risky as bats. Usually, travelers who are involved in outdoor activities or working with or around bats they tend to face rabies more. Thus to be one a safe side one must beforehand get rabies vaccine.

Other vaccines: Beside all the above mentioned needful vaccines, there are few more which a traveler must get. To name a few are diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, and yearly flu shot.

After vaccinations are being provided, doctor would also prescribe travel medicines to the traveler of NYC. This would further safeguard them from various minor illnesses. Moreover, travel certificate would be provided that would be a proof of traveler being vaccinated. This is essential for travelers to carry with them, as without it no one would be allowed to enter into Switzerland.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Don’t forget to get travel vaccinations and have a happy & secure journey

Everyone loves travelling, since it would mean enjoyment and cruising around with your loved one. But the fact that you have to bear a lot of turmoil while planning for your overseas travel cannot be ignored. You have to take care of budget, required shopping, flight schedules, and a lot more.

But a major and aspect that many people overlook and majority of people may not are aware of is that before you step down on a foreign land, you must get travel vaccinations. That has nothing to do with what city or country you belong to. You might be from a city as neat and disease free as NYC or any other place of the world for that matter; you must get proper vaccination if you are travelling to a place where it is required.

The reason for getting these vaccinations is to achieve immunization against those diseases which may be prevalent in that particular country which you are planning to travel to.

People native to a particular country are naturally immunized to those diseases which may be common in those countries. For example, yellow fever is common in most of the African countries, so the African people develop natural immunity against yellow fever due to being born in that place. But, people migrating from one country to another are not naturally immunized against those health problems. Therefore, in order to equip our bodies to fight against those diseases, it is must, to get travel immunization at nearest travel clinic.

Travel clinics are easily traceable in almost every city. So anyone who plans to travel abroad, getting travel medicine is highly accessible. Cities like NYC have a number of travel clinics. All you need to do is, browse the internet and track down the nearest travel clinic.

The doctors at the travel clinic would provide you with the required vaccinations and immunization according to the country or place you are going to visit depending on the diseases which are more prevalent in that country. Apart from providing vaccinations, the doctors would prescribe you with the guidelines with what activities and food to avoid on the concerned foreign land which might cause any possible health issues.

In addition to your own safety security and ensuring health, these travel vaccines are mandatory as per laws of certain countries. The concerned authorities can impose restriction on your entry to their country if you have not got required vaccinations. For instance in Africa, you are first required to go through an examination that would administer if you are immunized against yellow fever. If you are found to be a defaulter, the authorities may impose restrictions and avoid your visit to the country.

So always make sure to get travel immunization before you plan your journey abroad to ensure a safe and happy journey.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take travel vaccination to ensure healthy and enjoyable trip

Every now and then, we like to dedicate some time from our busy schedule of routine life to be able to spend and enjoy some time away from your daily work environment. What about the idea to spend your vacation in oversea locations? Actually, we all do love to experience the culture and visit the most popular locations, especially in the foreign countries.

I think it is the perfect remedy that allows us to chill out keeping us away from the pressures and worries of the everyday life. However, there is an important thing that almost all of us usually forget or, in simple words can say, ignore when packing bags for dream trip is nothing else but travel vaccinations.

In the last one decade, this big change has been seen in the way people travel across the world. They have started travelling remote locations. Some of the countries of this planet are highly exposed to illnesses, diseases or other new health threats. Those illnesses that seem minor not only put their lives in untreatable heath issues but also the lives of their close ones when come in contact with them in their home country. Travel vaccination NYC appears as a magical stick that helps to keep an individual away from the potential risks of several kinds of life-threatening illnesses or diseases.

Diseases like Yellow fever, Hepatitis A & B, Swine flu, Bird Flu and Malaria are causing mess across the globe. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you have to skip the pleasing idea of visiting foreign countries. You can enjoy the whole trip and can return back with infection-free health just by tanking right shots of immunization from an experienced and reliable travel health physician. They not only provide you vaccines and medications but also guide you on various types of precautions to be taken during your travel.

The influencing feature of Travel Immunization NYC is that they have ability to fight deadly diseases and illnesses by developing antibodies in our body. Therefore, to ensure that you enjoy your journey with your family, it is a wise advice that one should take vaccines at least three or six month before you leave. The time of taking vaccinations are highly depends upon the types of the vaccines to be administered. The type of the vaccine largely depends upon various factors like the age of the person, the country or area of visit, current medical conditions, allergies (if any), time need you spend in the foreign country and others.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Understanding the basics of travel immunization

With increasing globalization, more and more people are commuting from one country to another. To explore the cultures of other countries with an idea of exotic holiday vacation, international tourism has become more common day by day. But with so many people travelling across the world, the chances of various health risks has increased, since people from different climatic conditions are coming together.

Different geographical locations have different types of disease prone in that area. People native to that place develop natural immunity against those health hazards due. However, people coming from outside the country to that place have high chances of catching those diseases. That is the reason, before anyone travels to a foreign land for any reason, getting travel vaccinations is of utmost importance. All the cities like NYC has travel clinic where you can get vaccinations and immunization shots.

It must be obvious by now as to what a travel clinic is. These are medical health care facilities that specialize in providing immunity to people before they take off their journey outside their native country. These clinics have specialized and expert doctors who are well aware of which immunization shots and vaccines to give to people visiting different countries.

For instance malaria is a disease which is quite common in Asian countries and the Asians have formed natural immunity over malaria. However people coming from the United States or Australia are more vulnerable to Malaria and hence they will have to get immunity shot to safeguard against Malaria before they travel to Asian countries like India.

So whenever an abroad trip is a part of your travel planning, always make sure to visit a travel clinic in your city to get travel immunization. Weather you reside in NYC or anywhere across the world, these immunity shots would ensure a healthy and happy journey. The type of vaccination requirement would vary according to the country you plan to visit and the climatic and weather conditions of that particular place. Your doctor would specify which shots to take before you prepare your bag pack.

Travel medication is important not only from the individual perspective to ensure a safe journey, but some countries impose law on getting vaccination shots, before you land in their country. For example there are strict regulations regarding yellow fever vaccination in some South African and American countries. So always make sure to get these shots, before you plan your vacation to have an enjoyable, healthy and memorable journey.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Things to look-in before visiting a travel clinic!

Are you heading for a trip to abroad? If yes, then first thing you need to do is visit a travel clinic. They would provide you all necessary information regarding the diseases prevalent in the high risky areas and a way to secure yourself from those diseases.

Mentioned below are few aspects about, which one should be aware of before consulting a travel clinic in NYC:

  • Do they provide up-to-date information: The first and foremost thing needed to be checked is that do travel clinic provide up-to-date information regarding the diseases prevalent in the disease prone areas. This is important for a traveler to know as it would make him or her aware about the place where he or she would be heading for the trip. For example, if one is visiting sub - Saharan Africa and tropical South America then travel clinic specialist would tell the traveler about the yellow fever disease, prevalent in that area.
  • Are all necessary vaccinations provided: In regard to the trip, where the traveler is going all necessary vaccinations are provided to them. Vaccinations are divided into three categories:
  1. Routine– Under this category general vaccinations are being provided like chickenpox, mums, measles and polio, which usually we get in our younger age.
  2. Recommended- These vaccinations are not must but yes they are recommended to the traveler to be on a safe side.
  3. Required- This category include the vaccines, which are must to be taken and are essential according to international health regulations. If one does not take the vaccines covered under it then they won’t be allowed to enter into the country (where one had to go).
  • Do they have experienced doctors: Likewise hospitals and clinics have skilled and certified doctors, travel clinics also have experienced doctors who have complete knowledge about the diseases and the vaccines.
  • Do they provide medications also: Apart from providing vaccinations, travel clinics of New York City also provide necessary medications that help to cover the traveler from various other possibilities of diseases prevalent in the area where one is visiting?
  • Is international certificate provided: After getting all the required vaccines, travel clinic would provide international certificate. This acts as a proof of one being vaccinated. Thus one must ask the travel clinic that whether they would provide the certificate or not as without it no country would allow the traveler to enter.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Travel vaccinations – The key to an enjoyable and healthy journey!

Most of the people across the world think of travelling as one of the ways to unwind, relax and have a fun time with their family and loved ones. People travel to their favorite holidays destinations with an idea of vacationing and enjoyment. However, the enjoyment can be put on pause, if you are not fully prepares to fight the dreadful diseases and health issues that you might be prone to on a foreign land.

Different countries have different climatic and weather conditions and one can fall sick with a number of diseases depending on the country he or she is traveling to. Therefore, to get physically prepared and well quipped to fight all the deadly disease, one must get travel vaccinations and immunization in a travel clinic before one starts off the journey.

Travel immunization involves getting necessary vaccinations that would protect you from getting sick or catching health problems during your stay on an outside land. Is it not only medically recommended and necessary to get the required vaccinations, but some countries demand certificate authenticating that you are vaccinated against the diseases common in the country such as hay fever, bird flu, yellow fever, etc.

Before you could begin your trip overseas, you are required to be presented in front of the concerned authorities and present them with the immunization certificate to show that you are physically immunized against the disease that have high risk in that particular country.

Different countries have risks of different diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis A and B and so on. So depending on the type of risk more prevalent, every country would require different drugs administrations and vaccination. Walking into one of the nearest travel clinics would let you know which travel vaccinations in NYC would be required for the place you plan to travel to. You can easily find one of such clinics in your city.

Not only do these clinics would tell you about which vaccination to go for, but they will prepare you with the necessary information and knowledge about what food and activities to avoid during travelling. Such information is necessary to guard yourself against the potential health hazard one may suffer from, due to lack of knowledge about things to avoid in a foreign country.

You cannot have a good time anywhere unless your health is safeguarded. You cannot take good memories back home if you were sick during your journey. So make sure to contract a doctor at a travel clinic and get necessary vaccination before you prepare your bag pack and start your journey.