Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Yourself Immunized before you leave for Vacations at a Travel Clinic

Do you have any plans to travel this summer? If yes! Do not forget to visit the travel clinic for vaccinations. You must be wondering why? Because undertaking the services of these clinics may help getting the specialised medical treatment mandatory for going on expedition to various destinations across the globe.
Travel Clinics an impressive form of health institutions providing deliberate services to the customers before or on the expedition to make them enjoy the vacation with great enthusiasm and joyous mood. Mainly the travel clinic is meant for overseas travellers, who are going on customized vacation with their friends and family members.
These clinics have got great applauds from the people residing worldwide for its top class services offered in association with World Health Organization (WHO). The tailor made line of treatment for the patient makes him forgets all his unwanted worries he faced while holidaying overseas. Following the set frame of patient's health situation and touring plans, the well-trained staffs of travel health clinic is appropriate enough to get the basic immunization and prescriptions’ for the requisite disease.
The major cause of becoming ill while holidaying is the consumption of contaminated water and food, opening a door to the several diseases like malaria, cholera, diarrhoea, fever, itching, skin allergies and lot more. When you are travelling towards the Asian or African countries getting yourself suffering from epidemics is the common chance. So, it is important that you get yourself properly vaccinated or immunized to overcome the disease woes.
According to the WHO revelations, the person should be administered with these vaccinations seven weeks before travelling to check out the side-effect, if any. The health professionals working here helps in delivering all the info and details about the diseases and preparing the right medical kit for the same. These travel health clinics are so popular overseas that they have multifarious services to cater to customers based upon their demand and affordability.
There are also such clinics providing all the medical services at the doorstep and their assistance desk works 24X7, in case of emergency. These clinics are facilitated to provide personalized services for the elderly people, by way of nurse or attendant for their full healthcare during travelling. Thus, getting required help from these health clinics may make you enjoy the healthy and joyous vacation of your lifetime.
In order to search the best travel clinic within your vicinity you just need to browse the net and look out for the reviews being posted by the satisfied consumers for the services inherited by them!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Travel Clinic NYC – Do a Quick Travel before you Plan a Big Travel

True said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. None of us can dare to bond his life to work; no one likes to abide Hippocratic Oath throughout his life. Even birds go on vacation, after pecking in a particular season their exodus to other country is for sure. The same is in case of human, but we cannot just fly away, we need to take certain precaution before we touch any other land besides our motherland. There is nothing racial in this, it is just that prevent and prepare is always better than repent and repair. Through this article, I want to highlight few very important things that I learnt from a discussion held between Sam (my manager) travelling to India and an expert from a Travel Clinic NYC.
I am travelling to India for a business deal, and here is my travel itinerary and precisely my route of travelling will be Delhi – Kanpur –Delhi. So, just wondering if you can suggest me what medical precautionary step I must consider before leaving United States and do I require shots for diseases like Yellow Jack or Malaria? Please, guide me, I don’t know whether I am anxious or excited; it is kind a mixed emotions.
Travel Clinic NYC expert:
Well, good that you travelled us before you travelled India. Like other developing nations, India is also prone to many health diseases.
Let us start with your first stay, which your itinerary says is Delhi
This place is lying on your front for malaria and for sure you need prophylactic medication for that, which will be given to you once we finish. Besides that you got to protect yourself from mosquito stings and for that we recommend you to wear full sleeves shirts and wear long pants, when you are out. By the time you reach there, it will be summer and India’ summer is extremely opposite from the one we have here. So, do not forget to pack some sunscreens and your shades.
Then comes your second destination i.e. Kanpur; a place of which water is polluted, as per our database. Another issue that seeks attention at this place is diarrhea. So, you need to either boil the water before you drink it or buy Mineral water cases as soon as you land. You are not suppose to take risk of even brushing your teeth with that polluted water; you must not take any milk or diary product and do not dare to use ice cubes.
Therefore sir, you made a right move that you visited us, now another Travel Clinic NYC expert will be shortly with you, who will give you the needed shots, prescription for the medicines and your travel medical kit. Have a safe tour.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Travel Clinic - It is all about staying Safe while you Tour & Travel

Nowadays, everyone is traveling abroad, whether for business purposes, meeting their family members or just have a good time. With more people going abroad, not to mention the medical hazards have also gone up considerably and the role of a Travel Clinic has become significant. These days the travel clinics have become so advanced and hi-tech, through which one can be provided with the treatment before they go to a particular country. They make sure that one gets the medical treatment. Let us get in-depth knowledge of these travel clinics –
Types of vaccination
Custom Vaccines- As per a survey, majority of the people have no update of their regular immunizations. The travel clinics take care of this issue also and provide vaccines for various diseases those are common in foreign countries.
Proposed Vaccines- This type of vaccination come handy in those places where one can easily get unwell. This also helps in prohibiting the multiplication of diseases.
Needed Vaccines- When one visits a Travel Clinic, the physician provides the vaccinations as per the requirement of a country such as the treatment for yellow fever is a must if one is traveling to South America or any African country.
The physicians at these travel clinics after analyzing the vaccination history and status, they decide the sequence of shots those are required. In addition to this, the vaccination takes a week to work properly and it is advisable to visit the clinic two or three weeks prior to the visit. If one is already taking medication for some ailment, then there is a risk of drug amalgamation or it may reduce the affect of the drug, which a physician should take care of before prescribing any medication.
When one visits these clinics, they create awareness about how the diseases can vary from one city to another in a country. Sometimes, it becomes important to provide the period of the travel to the physician. There are certain things that they recommend to keep in mind like – the place of visit, the type of food, season for visit, period of the visit etc.
While traveling to a country where there is a presence of malaria, the physicians usually recommend keeping repellents while traveling in order to protect from the insect bites. There are particular drugs those are recommended to the travelers before going to places like these. Therefore, there is no harm in discussing your travel with the physician when one visits a Travel Clinic.
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