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Why Travel Shots Should Rank High on Your Priority List

The trip you have been looking forward to have finally materialised. Before you get busy with arranging necessary papers and shopping, don’t forget to add getting travel shots in your list of ‘must do things’. Important point that you must remember when you are travelling abroad, you hazard the risk of contracting a disease that you otherwise don’t have to worry about at all. Visiting a travel physician or a travel clinic such as Travel Clinic of New York City as soon as any plans of travelling aboard are finalized is very important. It will help in finding out the medical particulars of that region and what travel vaccinations you need to have before you can safely travel in that area. While certain countries insist on specific travel vaccinations before you can step on their soil, other countries only recommend certain medications and inoculations, but they are not mandatory.

Let’s assume for a moment that you are travelling to Peru. This country has no specific vaccination requirements. But it is recommended that all visitors from North America and Europe should receive travel shots for Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B. Travellers are also advised to carry medications for Malaria as well. Though none of the travel vaccination mentioned here are mandatory, yet, it is wise to visit a travel clinic and consult a specialist to get recommended travel shots as it could save you from a lot of trouble and expense later. If the country you are planning to travel does have travel vaccination requirements, you could be turned away before even passing through customs which is not a pleasant thing at all.

Travel Clinic of New York City provides consultation and services to both individuals and groups participating in adventure travel, corporate travel and mission organizations. Expert travel physicians will discuss trip details with you and then using the most current travel disease database advice on required and/or recommended immunizations. They will administer travel vaccination on the first visit itself. The International Certificate of Vaccination they provide is recognised worldwide and ensures that you don’t get hassled over travel vaccination at customs.

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Travel Clinic of New York City For Best Advise on Travel Immunizations.

We all like to travel and see this beautiful planet. Apart from packing bags with clothes suited for the climate of the country you are travelling to, there is another important aspect of traveling which needs to be attended. You may need to get travel shots and take certain medication along to protect yourself against transmitable diseases and ensure that your journey overseas remains pleasant and enjoyable. While you can get these vaccinations from travel clinics available around you, it is always advisable to visit the best so that you get right medical advice before travelling.

Travel Clinic of New York City is one such reputed and leading travel clinic that provides a comprehensive medical advice for your overseas trip. A visit to the Travel Clinic of New York City can make your overseas travel more pleasant and hassle-free. There are several important vaccinations like yellow fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, tetanus, meningitis, rabies, Japanese encephalitis etc. that may need to be administered before you travel abroad. Travel Clinic of New York City not only administers these important vaccinations but also gives prescriptions for medications you may need to carry along as you travel.

Physicians at Travel Clinic of New York City discuss your travel plans at length and make necessary suggestions with respect to the travel immunizations and travel medicine you should be carrying for various medical conditions like sleeplessness, jetlag, diarrhea, malaria and others. Travel Clinic of New York City provides certification of all the vaccinations they administer and medicines they recommend so that you don’t have to face any problems for carrying these medications. Travel Clinic of New York City is also a certified Yellow Fever clinic. If you are travelling to West and Central Africa and parts of Central and South America then you must immunize yourself against yellow fever.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Travel Clinic to Prepare You for International Travel

While travelling abroad can be both exciting and fun, you need to make some necessary preparations prior to your departure to enjoy healthy and care free vacations. Not only you need to get your travel documents in order and arrange someone to feed your cat or water your plants but more importantly you need to find a reliable travel clinic as well. If it is your first international travel, it becomes even more important that you should get all the required travel vaccines including yellow fever shot from a physician certified to administer it. While most of these vaccines are nothing more than booster shots of vaccinations such as hepatitis B and A, diphtheria, polio, and tetanus, there are others like N1H1 or Yellow Fever that are too vital to be missed. While being turned away from the border can generate considerable furore and excitement, I am sure it’s just not the kind of excitement you are looking for during your vacation.

Travel clinics not only administer travel vaccines that have been made mandatory by international health guidelines but advise you additional vaccines depending on your destination, duration of stay, health history and proposed activities. Along with necessary vaccination, these travel clinics also suggest precautions you must take and travel medicine you must carry to avoid any untoward incident. Travel Clinic of New York City with its qualified and caring staff can be a good place to get travel vaccines and professional advice on travel medicine.

Travel Clinic of New York City provides services to individuals as well as groups in their adventure and corporate travels. Travel doctors at Travel Clinic of New York City refer the most current travel disease database and discuss your travel details such as your travel duration and destination before advising required immunization. They also provide international certificate of vaccination along with necessary prescription for travel medicine after inquiring into your health history.

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Travel Clinic of New York City For Right Advise On Travel Vaccination and Medication

We all love to travel but there are some essentials health related issues which need to be looked into in order to make any trip enjoyable and hassle free. These health related regulations are not only something to be complied with to fulfill the legal requirements but also essential for the health and safety of the traveler as well. Certain vaccinations are needed to be administered while travelling to other countries. It is very important to receive the shots of these vaccinations from a qualified doctor or technician with experience in administering the travel related vaccination. So, what is the right place for medical advice and vaccination in such a situation? Travel Clinic of New York City is one such reliable travel clinics in New York that has desirable expertise and experience in administering travel related immunizations and medication.

Travel Clinic of New York City administer these vaccinations to individuals as well as groups who are planning to travel to other countries, let it be for tourism purpose or for business. Travel Clinic of New York City has some of the best doctors and medical technicians working with them who can guide you and suggest you the vaccinations shots you need to take based on your itinerary. Travel Clinic of New York City is one travel clinic in NYC that is a certified Yellow Fever clinic. All the vaccinations, let it be the most basic ones like tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B and A and polio or immunization for yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, typhoid and rabies, are available at the Travel Clinic of New York City.

You can also get an international certification of vaccination that you may need during your travel as a proof to show to the concerned authorities that you are thoroughly immunized from Travel Clinic of New York City. If you are thinking of consulting someone on the medication you need to carry with you during travel then Travel Clinic of New York City is the best place to find right advice. Their experienced doctors prescribe the required medicines you may need to carry along with you after discussing your medical history and travel plans. They are, by far, the best consultants of travel medicine in NYC. They also advise travelers how to handle altitude sickness and jet lag and recommend specific diet, exercises and therapies to fight these.
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Why you Need Yellow Fever Vaccination

As you run through the maze of packing bags and putting your passport and visa in order, just remember, Yellow Fever is ready to waylay you in several Central and South American countries including Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil. While the risk of catching yellow fever is highest in the rainy season which lasts from January to March, it can catch you unaware just any time of the year. Along with yellow fever shot, you also need to learn mosquito avoidance strategies to keep this potentially fatal disease at bay. But yellow fever vaccination is only one of the numerous necessary vaccinations you are required to take before you travel internationally. Only a specialist in travel vaccines can advise you about vaccines you need to have after studying your travel plans, destination and intended activities.

Just like malaria, yellow fever is also a communicable disease which is transmitted through an infected mosquito. Infection can result in jaundice and can cost you your life as there is still no specific treatment for yellow fever. Cases and causalities from Yellow Fever were reported in Guinea, Brazil, Liberia, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Paraguay, and Ivory Coast even last year. Fortunately, yellow fever immunization which is widely available is both safe and effective.

Travel Clinic of New York City with its experienced travel doctors is just the place you need to visit to get all the information about travel vaccines including yellow fever shot. As travel doctors keep an eye on yellow fever trends they can advise you whether you need a yellow fever shot or not. Doctors of Travel Clinic of New York City have necessary certification to administer this injection. They will also provide you with official stamped document establishing that you have received your yellow fever shot with proper date and time of administration. Effect of Yellow Fever Vaccination lasts for about 10 years and should be given at least 10 days prior to your departure to infected area. Even if you have to leave at a shorter notice, travel doctors at Travel Clinic of New York City can advise you on Yellow Fever protection besides other travel vaccines and travel precautions.

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Travel Clinic of New York City For Immunization And Sincere Advice

Travelling to another country is always welcome as it gives us a chance to explore this beautiful world and meet and befriend people from other cultures. But it is a good idea to make sure that your health should not suffer while you are traveling. For this you need to visit a doctor who can help you with your immunization and advise you on medications you need to carry with you. Your regular doctor may not suggest you the vaccinations and medications you may neen when travelling abroad. Only a doctor with prior experience in such cases can do so. Travel Clinic NYC is a leading clinic that has some of the most sought after doctors who specialize in travel immunizations NYC working with them. They have vast experience in the field and are capable of providing and administering the recommended vaccinations required to travel to a particular country.

Travel Clinic of New York City is known for its expertise in travel vaccinations NY. Certain vaccinations are mandatory for those travelling to certain countries where there is a threat of certain diseases. Travel Clinic of New York City administer vaccinations for Polio, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningitis and Rabies. These vaccinations are not only for the protection of the traveler but also the people of the country where he/she is going. The consultation fee is very nominal and so are charges for the vaccinations. For more information on various vaccinations available at Travel Clinic of New York City you can visit their websit.

Yellow fever Vaccination NY is one of the important vaccinations which may be needed before travelling to some countries. Yellow fever is caused by a virus transmited by mosquitos. It is a very dangerous disease and there is no spesific treatment for it. Yellow fever is common in West and Central Africa and tropical South American countries. Travel Clinic of New York City is one travel vaccinations clinic in NYC that administer all required vaccinations and happens to be a certified Yellow Fever vaccination clinic in New York. Apart from yellow fever immunization, experienced doctors at Travel Clinic of New York City also may suggest medications and ways to protect yourself from travel related diseases.

For more details on variety of services like Yellow fever Vaccination NY and travel vaccinations NY, offered at Travel Clinic NYC.

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